1. There’s only a couple teams who have those for sale and the suns don’t seem to be one of them. The best I could find was this but it has sleeves.

  2. If you look closely im pretty sure its a "home made" tank top he just cut out the sleeve

  3. KD 15 all dayyyy just buy them trough Nike and test them, u have 30 days to returned them if u don't like them

  4. 69$ to get y'all pinky toes sliced like smoked meat ? W

  5. Thats not even the worse he posted on Reddit god damnn he a freaky ass💀💀💀

  6. I have a Kobe 6 Mambacita un size 12 like new ! (I prefer my KD 15 at the moment) dm me !

  7. RHCP is a little heavy but very nice tee. Alice In Chains tee is amazing. Going buy from this seller every haul. But sizes up XXLs fit me like XLs I have a long torso so need bigger sizes.

  8. Im 6"3 / 200lbs you think I should go with XXL to ?

  9. Im in Canada in "the plane as landed" since 28/04 wtffff🤨

  10. I need that Undercrown pair! So fire

  11. Yeaaah but I think it was a super limited pair like 750 :(

  12. Size 12 should be 30cm watch out for that yours looking like a 29.5cm

  13. Sorry but the left heel is twisted like crazy RL for me.

  14. If you bought them from a Nike approved seller, they have an warranty for things like this and other flaws. I think it was two years from the manufaturing date.

  15. Its not just Nike site Foot Locker and other retailer like that work, I returned my Jordan 35 and they gave me (260$ cad) I paided (180$ for them tho)

  16. Watch out the insole are not 30cm like a size 12 sould be.

  17. Biggest frustration is its impossible to buy Kobes 😢

  18. If u have a question its simple : just put it in the search bar you will most likely find an answer if not just ask the sub !

  19. Vanessa wanted a new contract that would allow many more people to have access to Kobes... We are about to get fuck again by the bot.

  20. Actually idk I’m just assuming shock drop would happen same time as the other normal drops (last Kobe 6 shock drop was 7 am pst on SNKRS) but yeah now that I think about it it could be anytime

  21. Let's be real here I miss the R&M MB 01 im not getting a kobe against the bot🤣

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