1. And both those offers are pathetic! Just like Douggie and Lecce

  2. By what standard? I worked in the public sector and 2.5% was considered a decent increase. Completely missing from this debate is any sort of comparative analysis. What does the same type of worker in the private sector get every year?

  3. Oh please, just look at all the context around this debate and how underpaid CUPE employees have been. I'm not your Google. Their wages haven't matched cost of living increases let alone current inflation and that's in the brief years they've recieved at max the 2% increase and not the nothing that "generous" Ford and Lecce are "offering."

  4. It’s the journalists job to do this analysis, not you or me. I follow the news, I watched the press conference, and not one journalist challenged Lecce when he said they were best paid in Canada. So I believe him. It’s too bad that this debate is all about feels over facts. You “feel” like they’re underpaid and feel like 2.5% is low but have no research to back it up.

  5. I could think of something worse than the foster care system... death.

  6. Great quote :D Tyrion was written so well. Also I fully agree with you about the pro choice anti foster care rhetoric. They seem to believe being in foster care is worse than death. Also based on this post they don’t like adoption either

  7. The support workers union was demanding a pay raise of 11.7% every year for 3 years plus increased benefits and then voted to strike right away. The province offered 2.5% yearly for 4 years with no cuts in benefits and the union rejected it. No one in the media has really analyzed the reasonableness of the union’s demands, comparable wages and benefits in the private sector etc….the entire conversation is about the notwithstanding clause and how conservatives bad. I take great exception to the union holding kids education hostage, calculating that they can get an extravagant pay increase from desperate taxpayers after 2 years of learning disruption. I do think these are exceptional circumstances and the nobody except the government is holding unions to account.

  8. Its cool that all it takes to override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is to use a clause that says you don't feel like following it.

  9. Charter of rights and freedoms is easily changed, it’s not treated like the US constitution. They changed it a few years ago to allow racial discrimination provided it advanced equity. The charter doesn’t protect our rights like people think

  10. Record inflation, doctor shortages, overcrowded hospitals, housing crisis, skyrocketing rents, declining wages, spiralling federal debt

  11. The most unnerving element of a lot of these stories is they involve a pit bull or pit bulls that spend years with no violent incidents then suddenly “snaps” and kills a baby, toddler or elderly person.

  12. This is purely a political reaction to her recent comments about trans activism and women’s rights. Her writing has been widely available for critics since 2001. The timing of these critiques is not an accident

  13. Case and point! I remember very fondly the praise she received for the HP books, and how the release of a new HP book was a global thrill; dressing up, internet buzz, midnight sales at stores. Hell, there's even a whole theme park dedicated to HP. But now we have a problem with her "writing"?

  14. Exactly! She wrote some of the best selling childrens books of all time. It was a global phenomenon. Why now?

  15. The only people I have ever heard or read using the word "woke" are conservative politicians, fr

  16. I saw a childrens book called “Woke Baby” at toys r us just two days ago. Progressives definitely still use this word.

  17. “Yes I will adopt it. Next” 😂 Amazing how they assume pro lifers aren’t willing to adopt children or foster them.

  18. For the same reason that slavery wasn't considered wrong for most of human history until a few hundred years ago. People find rationalizations for harming others when it benefits them.

  19. "We can't restrict abortions because women will die."

  20. Uhoh, someone should tell her that "noticing things" was determined to be hate speech in most western countries about 5 years ago.

  21. Very true. I just went through harassment training at work and one of the examples of harassment was “a white man comments to a colleague that only women and minorities are being promoted due to the company’s equity policies”.

  22. That sounds like a good court case waiting to happen, hope you have an exit plan.

  23. I often think about that now…what is my escape plan, what do I do if I’m put under investigation for speaking out?

  24. I’m not making an argument because I do not feel the need to argue fact. Abortion is healthcare lol

  25. Whatever you say bbg, without abortion women die because they can’t receive care for their septic uterus, ectopic pregnancy or stuck in the birth canal stillborn. I mean it’s whatever ig right ?

  26. It’s not pro life if the baby or the woman dies, this has never been about medically non viable pregnancies, that’s just absurd fear mongering.

  27. They’re always claiming we hate women and only care about children before they’re born, so I appreciate how this refutes the lies so succinctly

  28. Not sure what’s uglier- the grill, or the floor-to-ceiling alcantara

  29. “I’ve never noticed race more and it’s becoming the first thing I notice when I meet someone which has never before been the case”. That’s a great insight.

  30. The same people who preach against victim blaming are here in the comments blaming the Poilevres for bringing this on themselves

  31. When personhood begins or doesn't begin is entirely irrelevant. You can argue for or against the rights of a fetus all day long, but it will not change one simple fact: You cannot ethically force another human being to use their body to keep someone else alive. It does not matter if they are technically a person or not. Insisting that you can or should would grant a fetus rights that no other human being has: the right to use someone else's body without express and ongoing consent. If you want to make abortion illegal, then you have to come up with a procedure that is no more invasive (or only marginally more) that can remove the fetus while keeping it alive, so that it can be grown in an artificial womb outside of the mother. Until that happens, making abortion illegal is a violation of human rights akin to slavery.

  32. False. The ethical equivalent would be something like this: “Person A deliberately critically injures Person B and only the Person A has the blood type to save Person B’s life. In that situation, the state should be able to compel the Person A to “use their body” to save the victim”. Also, saying a fetus needs the ongoing consent of the mother to continue to live is crazy. The fetus has no ability to seek that consent. It’s only because of the mother that they exist at all.

  33. No one deserves to hear that from their mom. I hope you had the love from other family members

  34. He told the truth and is now being labelled a racist. Love how cbc extensively quotes people condemning him without disclosing the known statistics that prove he’s right

  35. I will never be the same after watching this. The weakened movements and expression of pain on his face cut me so deep. This poor boy experienced really prolonged suffering with none of his caregivers expressing any sympathy or love for him in the lead up to his death. It’s one thing to know about child abuse in the abstract and another thing to see it.

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