1. They really have a day for everything sheesh.

  2. Juneteenth Is a holiday all Americans should be proud to celebrate

  3. Change of season I think

  4. LinkedIn is so damn toxic

  5. What the hell, how is it even theoretically possible to make only 8 UE across 5 sets, is it a mistake by the ITF or something?

  6. It’s not it was such a high quality match

  7. Tough to top a day where Tsitsipas and Osaka fell to huge upsets, and Tiafoe knocks out Rublev.

  8. Honestly an incredible day tbh

  9. I mean.. a lot of places are probably short staffed

  10. That is true, but the price increase for worst quality is what is bothering me

  11. If they didn’t cancel class my guess is the game is on unless the field is flooded and unplayable

  12. Just show your ID and your good to go

  13. That circuit passage was horrendous

  14. Had Rose for Pol102 easy A, so all discussion boards and take exams. Never had lahav.

  15. I like your username, but this has to be the most random post I’ve ever seen in this sub. But tbh good point.

  16. Wow, that’s just sad, sorry you have to go through this

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