1. if you're soft summer olive, drain all the life out of the palette then add a lot of white to make it match to your ghostly presence

  2. So I think she's undeniably petite, there is no picture where she doesn't look small. I would say flamboyant gamine. Definitely has the angularity, the juxtaposition between the long torso and shorter legs.

  3. I think if it's a pale gold, that is 10k or 14k, it just may work since dark winter borders autumn

  4. Same 😭😭😭 like my balance in retiré is solid but I can't seem to get my spotting down. I too think I'm spotting only for my teacher to tell me I'm not. Following for tips

  5. I very much see gamine. I associate ingenue with youthful and innocent and gamine with youthful and spunky

  6. What are the benefits of these, used together? New to skincare here.

  7. I don't think they work particularly better, but they are two soothing ingredients which I enjoy and usually I've had to buy separate products!

  8. My partner has a fair amount of hypermobility (which I get has its own issues) and he has super flexible ankles and feet and he can point his feet better than I can and he wastes all that potential on football (soccer) 😭

  9. A mostly black one lol but it has a pretty design and new dancewear is always fun 😍

  10. I’d toss them. Don’t throw them in the garbage though you can send them to me for proper disposal!

  11. It's always worth trying at least. But who has enough they find two year old supplies laying around geez

  12. You have a cool elegance that makes me say “Dramatic”. Obviously there are other things, but I’m better at sussing out one at a time. Also, you sort of look like a blonde Zoe Kravitz to me. Maybe it’s the face shape?

  13. GOODNESS Just the way you walk and turn your head is so so graceful, you fit the Ethereal essence so well to me with your hair and skin with a similar hue, the shape of your face and eyes Your eyes look also so, so serene and your face has that calm-dignified-strenght Ethereal, Dramatic (and I know it’s maybe just me definitely Ingenue in third)

  14. Well this is racist af. Connecting traditionally feminine features with fair complexion and soft hair is some Birth of a Nation bullshit. Delicate little pale women with their big innocent baby eyes who need to be protected vs. the big, broad, angular, square-shouldered people with prominent noses and ”””distinct coloring”””” and extreme hair texture (coarse).

  15. I literally read this and was like.... So Whyteness is yin? Glad to know it isn't just me....

  16. In relation to Penelope Cruz, as someone living in Spain surrounded by other Spanish women, her fellow people, I've noticed most, if not at least a good chunk of the female Spanish population, seem to be in the gamine family, if I've understood Kibbe somewhat right lol.

  17. For me it's not necessarily that everything is too big, but that finding that something that fits well everywhere. I feel like a lot of bottoms that fit in the leg are far too large at the hip and waist because I am very straight from the waist down. I have a very high natural waist and so I always have to go for high waisted, but a lot of high waisted pants flare at the hip to accommodate the curve that many people have but it looks super baggy and overwhelmes my frame. Tops I almost always go for XS

  18. I think you're a soft summer. Slight coolness, muted, the cream looks great on you. The brightness of the green highlights the darker areas of your face I think

  19. I run very cold and so warm ups help me get and stay warm which allows me to stretch better and prevent injuries

  20. Huge improvement, congrats! May I suggest you try to keep your toes straight in your Demi pointe/“up” in relevé positions…it will give you a broader, more comfortable base upon which to balance, And it may help you achieve a higher relevé. Kudos on your journey!

  21. Yes! I also noticed when looking at the photo and will work on it! Documenting is great because I may not otherwise see it since I'm usually not looking at my feet when balancing 😆

  22. I can pretty much only wear high waisted things because I have a very high natural waist lol. I also am very straight from my waist to my hips so they also have to be fitted at the hip

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