AITA for making a real life Pokédex of girls at my university?

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  1. He played every instrument and is a genuine musical genius. I've loved Dave forever and to know what he's going through right now hurts my heart.

  2. Same. Had amazing tickets in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to see the Foos in Sept... of course we know what happened. Somehow, miraculously scored tickets to the Taylor Hawkins tribute show in LA. So unbelievably stoked. Still can't believe it.

  3. Oh wow!!!! That's incredible!! I had tickets for the front row, middle of the extended stage and that was as close to God as I was ever going to get. Tickets in Dec, I'm Australian. I had started reading The Storyteller (and was also gifted an audio copy of Dave reading it) and I had to stop because it was too much of a fucking tragedy.

  4. My cousins friend had their 2nd baby 9 mos to the day of the first baby! Yes, she enquired and they actually had sex while she was IN THE HOSPITAL after giving birth! I don’t like to judge but I’m going to, that is some kind of trash right there.

  5. I wonder if your cousins friend is my ex SIL lol. They had sex in the hospital 4 days post birth she got pregnant again. Baby 1 was premmie as was baby 2. Baby 3 full term. Baby 4 born at 21 weeks. Many miscarriages in between.

  6. As some trash americans will bring this up: yes we have a tax for it. If you deduct it you pay 200-210$ with an salary above average

  7. Not directly, its an rhetoric reply to the guys that will come. They always come with this topic. They are angry and uninformed. I covered their usual arguments, so I hope you will get less nonsense from these folks

  8. That's what I was thinking but just wasn't sure!! I genuinely am so grateful to live where I live, whilst I'm also totally aghast that a "first world country" doesn't have free basic healthcare.

  9. Because she's one in a million and is a normal, humble person with exceptional talent.

  10. I’ve never seen my pizza drivers car. I don’t care what it looks like. I just want my pizza 🍕

  11. Seeing as the information on your list are things that a guy should put in the effort to learn from the girl, face to face, not a cheat sheet… this is creepy. If I was approached by a guy who knew a bunch of stuff about me, I’d be suspicious too. Why? Because why would you want to impress me? Likely because you want to get in my pants. If you had good intentions to date me and get to know me, the cheat sheet you made would be irrelevant since the fun is in going on dates and finding out who I am first hand. Instead your Pokédex (which by the way is kind of an insult unto itself “gotta catch them all” barf), is bordering on stalker level creepy and sad-level desperate.

  12. Indeed you can sir. I personally want to be drip fed neat gin, smoke 5 cigarettes at a time and be scathingly honest with everyone about both their personality and physical appearance......

  13. I'd try and find common ground and build a rapport around what you do have in common. Or find a way to start something new with him. Your wife is something you have in common. Could you be co-conspirators in planning a surprise for her, making her something, taking her somewhere? That'll help start the conversation.

  14. I was 15 in 1997 - can confirm. I was 13 the first time I used a chat room in 1995. Fun Factory anyone?

  15. Why does everyone assume women in relationships don’t look at porn? I look at way more porn than my husband.

  16. It annoys me that people assume this, too! I've always watched porn in relationships, sometimes together, sometimes apart. I don't judge any aspect of someone else's sexuality because it's not my sexuality, it's theirs. It truly is all about communication and shared values.

  17. Hi, OP Lots of harsh people on here… It sounds like you need time to sit with this new piece of information before settling on your feelings and if you want to take any actions.

  18. I don't often refer people to read up more about specific personality disorders or traits. I trusted that OP (from inference) has enough intelligence and common sense to read through information that they may or may not find helpful, and use any concepts they did find particular meaning in as a jumping off point with a therapist.

  19. For my parents, it was a remodel of at least 1 room in their house of outdoors every year for the past 20 years. They seriously spent enough to buy like 2 more houses on remodelling over and over.

  20. I think your parents are my parents. Overcapitalised on a basic house by renovating/ upgrading constantly. Could have bought at least 3 new houses that all the stuff they wanted.

  21. There was a murder in my town a few years ago over $24. It's always stuck with me that multiple people died and 1 person is in jail for life over $24.

  22. Sadly, that's so true. My ex husband left me for another woman after nearly 10yrs of marriage, but made me out to be the bad guy. He delayed the divorce proceedings at any chance he could while pushing every button he could to break down my mental health. He brought up every single insecurity I had and shoved his mistress' pregnancy in my face after causing me to miscarry. The crazy thing is that it's been almost 5yrs now since the divorce was finalized yet he still tries to contact me as if we're friends and he isn't married to that woman with two kids. My mental health still hasn't fully healed from what he did to me.

  23. I'm so sorry. I had something similar happen to me and I had a mental breakdown and was hospitalised several times. It wasn't the breakup itself, it was the mental torture after the fact that was protracted and relentless. There's only so much a human mind can take before it shuts down to protect itself.

  24. Do you wear a seatbelt expecting an accident every single time?

  25. Yes. It's like wearing a condom in case of STD's every time. Or a helmet when riding a bicycle. Small actions to decrease risk in case of harm. Facts are that car accidents happen, STD's exist, and bicycle accidents can cause head injuries. Using the tools devised to prevent harm is appropriately cautious and recommended. Pre-nup will serve to protect both parties and give peace of mind in case of a relationship breakdown. All it takes is to look at statistics to see how common these adverse incidents are.

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