1. Damn… The Lord is my shepherd, he know what I want.

  2. in the very rough shape it’s in, that price isn’t going to be very high.

  3. probably your engine filter, but may as well change both, odds are your cabin filter is gross

  4. Went down the 420a path myself. I think I used ls3(or 7?) Rod bolts in stock 2.0L magnum rods(from 01 dodge neon

  5. i mean, most people would (and probably did) say not to try making a 420 car fast.

  6. … and now I’m thinking maybe i don’t sell mine

  7. because Carvana will give me $3k more than I paid for it nearly 4 years ago.

  8. Morris played in this system for Seattle earlier in the season. He was in the 2 line under the striker, so he can play that role. But I agree, he's not making a strong case for call ups right now.

  9. not to mention he’s looked downright BAD in his last few USMNT appearances.

  10. Make him the coach. Great hockey mind, keeps him around for Ovi, will have the locker room on day 1.

  11. fire Forsythe, make Backy the PP coach

  12. The culture of soccer is just different though. Top players change clubs all the time. Ronaldo has played for RM, MUN and Juve within the past several years. I think the culture is a bit different in American leagues.

  13. that may be true, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

  14. Moe’s bbq off 9th street is so good! I love their brisket and pulled pork and their sides are good too. I always forget about it, but this thread revived them for me.

  15. that location is cursed though… nothing lasts there for more than 3-5years.

  16. Was the seafood restaurant there before Moes? Is Moes doing well?

  17. It’s been like 4 different restaurants (at least) since 2008.

  18. I'd be happy to get out of Tennessee right now, too, bless your heart. I wish you all the best, you are going to LOVE it here.

  19. people downvoting you must have no clue about TN - consistently rated one of the worst states to raise a family, horrible sexual-equality, and It’s especially horrible for people of color.

  20. problem with autograt, is it’s typically applied pre-tax, and most customers tip on the post-tax amount.

  21. It’s called Danes or something close to that. It’s near east coast subs I think. I’m not good with directions. Ok. Just googled and it’s called DJs place now. Always was a dive bar but always had some decent tables. Looks to be the same still.

  22. this old dive was great when I worked and lived out that way.

  23. I like Juju for good cocktails and tasty Asian-fusion fare.

  24. I remember downtown being pretty walkable but it almost feels like the downtown I knew (by Main St and Brightleaf and 9th, the furthest I could walk after school without my mom ending me) isn’t downtown anymore. Downtown seems to be the tobacco district and DPAC now.

  25. by moving DSA out to the burbs, the city can then sell the DSA Campus (possibly to Google) for a shitton of money, since it’s a large parcel, downtown, with a fair number of routes in and out.

  26. I guess its the only product in the world where the strength depends on the dilition ratio 🤣🤣

  27. tbh, your run of the mill, ph neutral shampoo won’t really clean any better at higher concentrations

  28. Sounds like you scuffed up the paint with the sandpaper. If you don't have a rotary or DA you can probably just compound it ("buff" if you prefer that term) by hand. Something like Meguiars M105, 3M rubbing compound, etc.

  29. yup, you probably scratched the surrounding paint, the chemicals in the kit wouldn’t harm clearcoat/paint on their own.

  30. yes, oust him, then strongly encourage new ownership to rebrand to something less moronic

  31. i use Amazon Basics Carpet Cleaner (cheap as shit), dilute it 1:1, spray carpet/cloth using a pump sprayer, agitate with drill brush, then extract with only hot water in the tank.

  32. Thx. Link to the product? I looked through on Amazon but didn’t find anything that looks cheap. Super clean is another recommendation that i have seen.

  33. damn, they don’t seem to have it anymore.

  34. so I’ll be watching this on-demand later tonight bc I’ve had other shit going on, but of course Flores and Estrada actually produce after I and many others have been talking mad shit about them.

  35. with most interior protectant products, I spray the product on to a damp mf towel, wipe the surface, then buff with a clean dry mf towel.

  36. you won’t get that crazy mileage without deleting and tuning… which is difficult in California

  37. Very warm (almost) summer welcome to you! Some of us fellow fans are missing this one because they changed the time of the game due to heat. I can’t say that this decision makes much sense to me because it’s normally this hot later in the summer. Not sure how/whether this will affect crowds! Also, shouldn’t we be forcing Canada-based players to run around in DC summer heat for homefield advantage’s sake? Or is that just mean, or bad for our players because they’re playing so frequently right now? P.S. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  38. IMO - it’s dumb to schedule games before 8pm on a Saturday anyway.

  39. somebody needs to slip Flores some ipecac so he can’t play.

  40. they’re from here for starters

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