1. E4th in the evening, there isn’t a ton of foot traffic on W6th during the week tbh.

  2. if you had 20+ trades, we would have dealt. With your 0 rep, I am sorry if I don't have time to entertain you. Now please, go and cry in your corner.

  3. Escrow bot also doesn’t exist anymore. Read the fucking pinned post.

  4. By “they” you mean a single member of the Texans security staff. He gave him 1 NDA to use after an Instagram post from Nia Smith threatened to expose Watson. The Texans staff member didn’t even have details of the incident. After that Watson continued to use NDAs for every meetup.

  5. Make it 3 years you can follow who the Texans draft with your picks. Maybe Watsons suspension will be over by then.

  6. You better cross your fingers the league doesn’t just void the trade and take the drafts in the first place.

  7. To be clear…if the Browns didn’t agree to let him miss and he still didn’t show up, he would 100% be fined. This is an agreement.

  8. Read up the comment thread, that’s literally already said.

  9. Then why did you say teams cannot fine him? Your statement contradicts what is said above then. I was just referring to what you said. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. Yes common sense is hard around here. Obviously I said that team can choose to not fine someone.

  11. It doesn’t? There’s no parallel to the two situations other than the fact that the NFL will do what it wants until the public finds out about something.

  12. Part this and part it’s going to be a lot harder to essentially ban a top 10 qb than a good running back that likely only had a handful of years left anyways. I suppose you could try to argue they essentially banned Kap but he isn’t on Watson’s level of status imo.

  13. Not comparable tbh. Running backs are a dime a dozen in the first place; let alone top 10 at the most important position on the field.

  14. Well, technically a pitcher has 3 mulligans if they throw a ball in the dirt, and the batter has 2 if he doesn't swing at a pitch in the zone

  15. Pitcher also has a warmup between every inning; that analogy the user is trying is bad ha

  16. Officially, this is acceptable as well. The USGA just requires that all of your strokes are done consecutively. So if you take a shot, mentally declare that one not in play, then “start” on your second ball, it’s all good.

  17. Ehhh…guessing he meant they only hit a second ball off the first tee if the first one sucks. I don’t think they are declaring a practice ball haha; more so just using the “breakfast ball” if the first tee shot sucks and chalk it up to no warmup.

  18. I have to ask in what world do you assume cashapp has no risk haha.

  19. Well no, theoretically a web page renders text all the same whether you type in the information into a text box on Google or in Reddit. Whether the answer comes from a comment on Reddit or a Google search result ends up being the same. Technically, they took more effort coming here.. so yeah, you hold no point that this was lazy boss. Was it the right way to go about it? No. They should’ve googled it. But it wasn’t lazy. It was just the wrong way to find the information.

  20. Says the guy who came on here to call a person lazy when they could’ve just ignored the post?

  21. Yeah, telling someone to just look it up themselves as it’s easy to do vs being depending on the sub. Got that right.

  22. Agreed here. Merry arts is a bar that will have folks watching soccer, but Old angle is a soccer bar.

  23. Yikes. I found a place in bowling green that had it from YouTube videos and I loved that because they had nearly every song. I have a specific list of songs I like to do

  24. Lol this is what Tina’s does. I’ve definitely been there recently and have heard songs that came out in the last few years. Ignore that user’s comments.

  25. The tough thing is a lot of places downtown/in the flats are hit and miss. Over by where you're staying there's a lot of non fine dining options but none of them really blow me away. Republic is OK, but I think the location of the place and a few drinks makes the food better than it really is.

  26. Disagree. I haven’t had a bad meal yet the multiple times I’ve gone to Collision Bend.

  27. I really don’t understand how it could take so long for them to complete the investigation. I guess the Ohio State Government just takes it’s time with these things? Seems a bit inefficient to me.

  28. I’m pretty sure the state finished their investigation months ago…I believe it’s CF that is doing additional research etc.

  29. I mean can drive yourself and hit up a park n fly place on Snow road for like $10 a day and they then bus you in.

  30. Went to a wedding where the actual wedding and reception was at an outdoor venue like 20-30 minutes from Punderson State Park. They hired their own caterer to my knowledge.

  31. Yeah what all these folks said. You won’t break it even though it may seem like it. I put a rope through the hole, then pulled it tight and gave it a real hard tug and it popped back out.

  32. Ehh they definitely have food at night as I’ve eaten some late night meals there recently and often haha. Other than that, spot on.

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