1. You just need a replacement temple, no need to replace the entire thing

  2. Columbia is worse than new west station. New west station tends to at least have people around or a shop to duck into if someone’s harassing you.

  3. I remember how bad that station used to flood, too. Haven’t lived their in years though so I don’t know how it is now

  4. Yes! I downloaded the PC app this year and have already saved up about $80 in points just from my personalized offers alone, and since it’s tailored specifically for me, it’s all stuff I regularly buy.

  5. WE. KNOW. Let us have our fucking post in peace.

  6. This really ought to be in June. It is a long time between Victoria Day and Canada day, especially as the summer weather kicks in.

  7. It’s not about a holiday to even out the year, it’s to coincide with orange shirt day

  8. Never seen someone used a stacked bar chart to split up years. Not a good way to show that. Either way the war on drugs has been a massive failure and our government has failed us.

  9. That’s because the war on drugs was never about drugs in the first place. If anything it’s working exactly how it was intended

  10. Why is it her job to train a receptionist? Did she say she was a receptionist? Are women just born with the innate skills of reception?

  11. I literally had to call in sick last week because I couldn’t stop throwing up

  12. Not surprised, I woke up coughing my head off and for once it’s not because of covid

  13. I couldn’t imagine being this callous to my spouse when their parent is dying. That comment about him knowing the risks of smoking is entirely unnecessary and really shows how this person thinks

  14. Yes! I had this one driver when I lived in Marpole and he was the coolest guy ever. He’d always have to kick me off at the end of the line to transfer buses after a couple of stops and it always became a running joke between us because I was always the only person on board.

  15. The snip tool on Microsoft. I used to click print screen and then crop down everything. Snip tool is a game changer.

  16. I saw my coworker doing this for the first time on Friday. I couldn’t believe how long I’ve been overlooking that tool

  17. Man pinching penny’s doesn’t even exist in Canada anymore… lol last time was prob a decade ago haha 😂 but seriously it’s $$$ AF to even try to save… we get gouged for everything… cell phone, internet, gas etc can’t live without that stuff

  18. Right??? We don’t even have the proper means to do couponing. Good ones are very few and far between and they’re mostly for products you’ve never heard of or are still ridiculously expensive even after applying the discount

  19. YTA. Your beef with her is literally dead. Your boyfriend needs your support as you would expect his if the roles were reversed.

  20. It’s not just about that, the girls family doesn’t like OP. Their feelings about her going to the funeral or not should be the end of it. She should absolutely travel with her boyfriend for support if she has the means but the actual funeral might be a bad idea

  21. Seriously! The show ended years ago. It’s all been talked about. There’s nothing wrong with bringing up something about the show that’s on your mind but why act like nobody has ever discussed it before?

  22. Right? That’s one of my biggest pet peeves! Or when something in current events happen and the first posts you see are everyone saying ‘why is no one talking about this???’ Like calm down Bradley, it happened five minutes ago

  23. I have found that sometimes the "best specialists" are the most judgemental and dismissive.

  24. I went to the pelvic pain and endometriosis clinic at womens hospital and found them to be good. The specialist reassured me at the first appointment that my pain was real, asked what helped and immediately prescribed painkillers. I also had excision surgery in 2017 and when symptoms came back they were happy to revisit my options. We decided on a hysterectomy which was done in July this year.

  25. That’s actually the place I was talking about, Dr. Williams in one of the gynaecologists that heads the program. I’ve had surgery with her, I’ve done her physiotherapist sessions, I even did her pelvic pain course and saw her therapist. She seems very convinced that it’s just residual nerve pain, but I’m having very physical and visible symptoms that she continually ignores. Like I don’t think decidual casts are caused by neuropathic pain.

  26. And probably illegal as hell since they were tenants

  27. Where I’m from, you are allowed to legally evict tenants as long as either you or family are moving in.

  28. There’s a blind guy on YouTube named Tommy Edison who talks about his experience of being blind since birth and this is one of the topics that he talks about, how there wasn’t really a moment where his parents sat him down and said ‘Tommy, we got some bad news for you.’ but rather it’s a gradual realization and something you’re pretty much always cognizant about.

  29. The post history is interesting. Two months ago, OOP was supposedly in a coma because her friend rolled a joint in aluminum foil and OOP smoked it. OOP wanted to know if she'd be an asshole if she sued her friend for trying to kill her. Supposedly the friend admitted it over text. The burning point of aluminum foil is 1220 degrees, so take that as you will.

  30. I remember using aluminum foil and a toilet paper roll to fashion a pipe in my wild teenaged years, not sure what OP is on about

  31. Only somebody who was a teen during Lizzie McGuire would speak like this

  32. That explains why I didn’t notice anything wrong with the sentence 🤦‍♀️

  33. My pride and joy is that I know every single free credit report dot com song by heart. The first one, the pirate one, will always be the best

  34. Where is this? I have some time off next week and I’ve been hunting for some local hiking spots!

  35. This entire post reads like the book Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino

  36. This was found in the downtown east side of Vancouver after multiple attempts from the municipality to clean up what is effectively known as ‘Tent City’. For those unaware, East Van has a very high homeless population because the city keeps pushing those with addictions and mental health problems onto the ‘poor’ side of the city as to not affect the NIMBY bastards that litter the west/north ends of the city.

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