1. As a left-handed person, Dvorak doesn't feel "right-handed" to me.

  2. Some version of this would be a good plan for trying for the Speedrun achievements.

  3. How would you get from Crystal Peak to Ancient Basin? They're almost on opposite sides of the map, with Crystal Peak at the top and Ancient Basin at the bottom.

  4. You need another item too. But you probably already have Mothwing Cloak as well unless you did something very weird so you should be good

  5. If someone wanted to do a speedrun consisting of that, I imagine most of the routing would look pretty similar to Godhome Ending speedruns, with a few points where it would need to diverge:

  6. The main reason I prefer putting my right-hand inputs on keyboard is that I like having my left hand only worry about directional inputs (where WASD is on Qwerty) and nothing else. If your right-hand is limited to only 5 inputs, then you'll probably need to put some other inputs on your left hand and I fear it might be awkward to press both those inputs and directional inputs at the same time with the same hand.

  7. yeah interact is going to be "e" jump is "space" and maybe "q", "shift", "ctrl", "f" and many other inputs i could use. Tho non of them feel naturel for attacking like mouse input 1 and 2.

  8. Hm. Hollow Knight doesn't really have an "interact" input. For most things you just press the directional input "up" to interact with them. But the "e" key would be a good place for an input that you'll never need to press together with a directional input, which for HK might be "Dream Nail" which is the closest input I can think of other than "up" to an "interact" thing.

  9. Is it also possible that, bearing in mind they’re on a ship with various mechanical systems vibrating and with specific sounds, spending most of their time together in the same few rooms, Grace has learned through relative pitch to prominent sounds on the ship.

  10. Oh, a common word or phrase pattern as a reference pitch also makes a lot of sense!

  11. I don't know exactly how Eridian language works, but it might just work out that the majority of different chords in it can be distinguished by someone with just relative pitch and not absolute pitch.

  12. Oh, another thing I forgot to mention: Instrument-Specific Absolute Pitch is a thing.

  13. For me learning them for the first time, Soul Tyrant was the easiest, Lost Kin was 2nd-easiest, and Failed Champion was the hardest by far. But then once I put on Defender's Crest for Lost Kin, that became the easiest.

  14. I mean, the main thing is to play the PR game a lot better. Instead of kidnapping triads to steal their bending, get a whole bunch of people to stop paying protection money, then steal the bending of the thugs that show up to shake them down. There's no law against stealing someone's bending, and he just defended himself, so no need to hide.

  15. Hm. How did elections work back then, if at all? The council seats seemed to be allocated by bending nation, not popular vote. It seems stacked in favor of benders: the only non-bender on the council I can think of from before Amon is Sokka?

  16. I think I would like a "less extreme" version of the Charm binding limiting the notches to 3, or alternatively, limiting you to equipping only 1 charm.

  17. Soul is the nuisance. You can only chamber one spell/heal at a time. Because you won't necessarily have a chance to reload your soul in time for the next opportunity, it pushes you towards saving soul for healing. Still, the goal is to minimize the damage you take, so using what soul you have for spells can end fights quicker. Either way, it's a gamble.

  18. Charm binding is most definitely not nothing: it's my least favorite by far!

  19. A general tip: Don't underestimate anything.

  20. A modified "focus" ability, separated into its own thing so that it isn't tied to casting spells when you tap it like "focus/cast". When you tap the "focus" button, it does nothing: it doesn't use up any soul. Of course when you hold it down, it heals you just like holding the "focus/cast" button does.

  21. My own idea: masksong: notch cost 2 Gratitude of freed grubs that will help your life

  22. 10 times the damage of Abyss Shriek? 20 times?

  23. Abyss Shriek with Shaman Stone already can deal up to 120 damage if everything lands, which is enough to one-shot 3 bosses:

  24. On P1 for my playstyle, my most crucial charm was QuickFocus, because I relied on that to be able to heal during the last 2 fights.

  25. Unless the planet's orbit is perfectly circular, the sun won't be absolutely motionless in the sky. It'll bob back and forth around a point in the sky over the course of each orbit due to

  26. Oh interesting! What shape would those libration-based sundials have? Would they be like a circle, or more like an Analemma, or some other shape?

  27. It's very unlikely for a tidally locked planet to have a moon. The same tidal forces that would lock a planet would also make most potential moon orbits unstable.

  28. I mapped out a path of least resistance for my 2nd steel soul attempt after dying to something stupid on my first.

  29. Looks like it's also missing some other DLC-related stuff, like the Grimm Troupe's Nightmare Lantern, and Dung Defender's repose with his dreams of White Defender.

  30. True, but I don't remember Dung Defender's repose being visible on the map

  31. How long is it? For my first, it was around 30 hours

  32. For a second playthrough knowing where everything is, you should be able to do it in less than half that time no trouble.

  33. I really like the placements of the punctuation: ' tick / " quote, , comma / < less, . period / > greater, and - dash / _ underscore, they're so much easier to reach on Dvorak than they are on Qwerty.

  34. This is why I like having an entire playlist of potential "alarm" songs, and have the alarm select one of them at random.

  35. I don't like any number system that uses "mute" for any specific number, and I really don't like anything that uses "ale" or "ali" for that.

  36. On the other hand I really like metric / SI prefixes, like kilo, mega, giga, and so on, and I feel like tokiponized versions of those could be made to fit pretty well. It's already an international system, most of them would still be recognizable around the world

  37. Yeah "senti" "sente" and "kilo" are kind of gimmies. Silly to suggest any other words for 100 and 1000.

  38. Well I was thinking "sente" for 1/100 because "ti" is a forbidden syllable. I was thinking "eketo" for hekto as 100.

  39. Radiance has many attacks, some of which are similar to some Dream Warriors others similar to other bosses, and still others not covered by anything I can think of.

  40. Gorb can be practice for dodging the Sword Burst attacks: Gorb phase 1 for practicing normal Radiance's Sword Bursts, and Gorb phase 2 for practicing AbsRad's Sword Bursts.

  41. Yes! See, Aang is an angel and has never harmed anyone.

  42. I'm pretty sure Zhao being taken and imprisoned in the spirit world happened after Aang and the Ocean Spirit separated from each other, so that wouldn't be on Aang anyway.

  43. Well, Aang wasn't really in control at that time anyway. But if he was, what happened to Zhao during that time? Did he just hold him until he was finished with everything else (slicing multiple decks of a war ship bridge in half, glad noone was hurt there)?

  44. Zhao was the last target of the Ocean Spirit... only after the whole rest of the Fire Nation fleet had been dealt with, Aang and the spirit separated, and Zuko and Zhao were still fighting somewhere. Then the Ocean Spirit alone, without Aang's help or even knowledge, took Zhao.

  45. I'd improve the control mapping configuration possibilities.

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