1. Same story here! But tbh im thinking of transitioning to pc! Not having addons and typing on a gamepad sucks

  2. Hey im game! Im AlexPintoPT on ESO. Invite me please! Exactly what i been looking for

  3. i must say i am amazed at the community so far!

  4. Almost everyone I group with uses a controller, while playing on pc. Go figure

  5. i get it but, u have the keyboard to type closeby, cant do that, i feel like setting up the PC back over just to be able to type faster ingame, and i guess use voice chat if possible? i still didnt understood if its available or not in stadia ahah

  6. Ok i figured it out already lol sorry old dude. Last console i had was the original playstation that had those memory card sticks lol

  7. Android doesnt support rumble if u play connected tru a phone or something. I have same issue because i play on Samsung Dex connected to my tv using a ps4 remote.

  8. Its a local thing. Called carne de vinho e alhos. Basicly its pork Meat slowly cooked in wine and garlic. Trust me its amazing!

  9. Hello Alex, I'm also Portuguese of Portugal.

  10. boa man, thanks! vou fazer isso, agora nao q a carteira ta negra mas, no fim deste mes, ehehe, farto de ligar o tlf a televisao por hdmi para poder jogar :P

  11. It will work in Portugal (been playing there with my controller bought in Spain)

  12. Where in spain did u buy it? (És português?)

  13. I'm pretty sure with android there is no rumble support. I think android 11 or 12 is apparently adding in rumble support.

  14. shame, that explains it! does the official stadia controller rumbles?

  15. The price will stay where it currently is until that date.

  16. i believe so, but i cant find it anywhere for sale here in Portugal :)

  17. The sale is on until January 5th. I'm not sure you really need the ultimate edition. I have over 100 hours on the base and I'm not done nor have I played online.

  18. Ok to be honest, that was kinda a secondary question, is it not worth it?

  19. My dog's name is Pickle, so i always roll with pickle now on my guns ahah

  20. I tried man but they didnt reply at all to me ..i think its because im outside the us?

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