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  1. I’m sober now lol I was probably 15 or 16 when I posted this. Fucked up kid

  2. Sunlight early in the morning do not look at the sun directly

  3. As a recovering drug addict and someone who’s yet to overcome PMO I disagree with this. Overcoming drugs was easier and fucked my life up less.

  4. Tbh Alexander was a mentally unstable person (narcissism, clouded judgement). He really wanted to defeat and conquer all the kingdoms of India, then march onto China and conquer them until he reached the pacific ocean. Then after, he would swing to Europe and conquer all of non-greek Europe.

  5. Soldier: says this Alexander: “we’ll begin as right with my father, Philip”

  6. I hit Murphs all the time and just under 40 isn’t absolutely insane but it’s still my best

  7. Me too dude, me too. I am hoping they are in heaven proud of how I put out today.

  8. You asked How i know whats average. I said Google. Me googling to See if im a good size is just your interpretation

  9. Of course it's going to be men if the US is yet to have a female president. I don't know what you were trying to achieve with this.

  10. I would say wooooooosh but I can’t tell if your comment is also a wooooosh

  11. Aye homie all in on fitness and self improvement but BMI and the scale are generally shit ways to measure progress. Still proud of you chief.

  12. And by “never again” you mean “do the exact same thing as the former perpetrators”

  13. And with that, you’ve lost any ounce of credibility you had at all. At least your comments fit the name of the sub. Your either shilling for an apartheid state or your mode of thinking is the definition of baseline.

  14. Once a week is ideal for prostate health. Half the people here are gonna end up fucking themselves.

  15. Or just get a partner like human are supposed to and not subjugate yourself to something that is objectively bad for you.

  16. not the point but I find cold showers comfortable

  17. Is it necessary to be uncomfortable 'everyday' ?

  18. Don’t convolute being uncomfortable. A workout where you push it, studying a new skill, or taking a cold shower are all good examples. Just gotta stay on the path

  19. Dawg I’m not in an argument. You’re the argumentative one. I’m here fuckin around. I’m allowed to fuck around on Reddit lol.

  20. Yeah you’re first mistake was assuming you can type here like you would in

  21. What part about “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary” did you not understand lib

  22. Dawg I did one of my papers the day it was due last year and got a 4. Y’all’s stress would be better used elsewhere.

  23. But you do exist and at this specific point in the human history timeline, the tipping point where out of control capitalism is threatening to destroy the planet we live on in just a few generations. Why now?

  24. Ok ok fine you know everything and I know nothing. You are right, I am wrong. Happy now?

  25. Dudes tryna say you shouldn’t have sex with your partner even through the whole goal of this thing is to be normal.

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