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  1. Hot! I would love to join sometime and play with both of you

  2. Welp, since Asguardians are confirmed to be just extraterresial beigns rather than real gods from different plane of existence, and that they coexist with Greek gods and Egyptian gods, Marvel has a lot of stitching together and explaining to do. This interests me greatly as well, how does it work with gods, pantheons etc in this universe? Especially since above those gods there are still Eternals who inspired human mythology greatly in their own merit, and Celestials themselves who are basically what the jesus god is - "creators" of the universe.

  3. It's this way in the comics as well. Basically even those Thor is an alien, because of his powers and how each god had their own unique abilities they are still gods. People pray/prayed to them the same way they do other gods. It would just be that you go wherever what you believe in says you go. They all exist but they are all different forms of Death and her dimension. If you don't believe in anything you just got straight to her dimension. There are also realms inbetween that are similar to what someone might perceive as hell. Marc went to the field because he was Moon Knight and he believed in the Egyptian gods, even though he was raised Jewish.

  4. But what exactly are for instance Egyptian Gods? Asgardians are alien race that existed long before humanity on their own planet. Greek gods are most likely the same. But Egyptian gods specifically seem to be too far beyond "humans with superpowers that are considered gods". How can you explain them in the realm of MCU? Their origin, and how they connected with human history, alongside all the other gods and Eternals?

  5. We don't know their origins. We don't know what they are the same way we don't know what God is. There are guesses, like being extra dimensional beings, magic beings, also aliens. Alien is a broad term that a lot of stuff can fit into.

  6. Congrats on graduating! I am a decently fit 21 year old college guy

  7. God I love your videos so much. I hope I find a hotwife like you in my area

  8. They are all just Easter eggs. The first appearances of Batman, Alfred, The Penguin, and the Riddler. Year one was one of the inspirations for the movie (the funeral bomb scene, especially). We also get Batmans first origin story and a nod to Two-Face that may mean he is the next villain we will see or at least meet Dent next movie

  9. For a place to crash 316fry has studio apartments that are cheap, everything but internet is paid, however they aren't furnished like other places so you need to have your own stuff. The studio apartments are really small but for just sleeping and hanging out it's not bad, just can't really invite people over.

  10. Depends on what you are looking for, for a studio I paid 625, for a 1 bed it's 825. Idk about other apartments

  11. They are also really good management wise! They are really nice and helpful. Plus the walls are made of stone so for the most part you can't hear your neighbors

  12. No like it hasn’t left β€œpending financial aid” at all

  13. Call student financial aid services to see if there is any hold on your account. It is probably nothing but better to call and find out now than when you really need it

  14. Yeah, you need to submit a transcript for any college class you took, even for dual credit/ap classes in high school. At least as far as I know. Those dual/ap credits would be on the transcript from whatever university the classes were under.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous. I have a lot more to give you if you are ever interested

  16. Wherever you are of course. Though we would have loved to have had you at the foursome we had today

  17. I second that! I just subscribed to yalls OF. Absolutely amazing

  18. I'm a fan too. I think we could have a great time as well πŸ˜†

  19. Gladly. If you need a place to sit let me know 😈

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