1. just to let OP knows that's is more of a Xanax bar rather than a MDMA pill since he doesn't have a reagent test kit

  2. You don’t know if that’s Xanax, if 2 pills look the same it doesn’t mean anything. TEST YOUR SHIT.

  3. better call it as Xanax than MDMA. that's not what he wanted since it's posted in mdma

  4. Where I live you can find pills like that (that you want to call Xanax) but they’re meth bombs, and they look cleaner than OPs.

  5. Started doing mdma February this year and the last 8 months I ruffly taken 50-60 grams and spend 10k on it.

  6. I'll have to fuck a guy and then report back to you guys. stay tuned for results

  7. Had some cheap amazon glass tips, didnt like them and they went unused for years. Got a Riptip, now I barely use paper tips anymore. Riptips are game changers, Rektipz look nice too.

  8. He’s just advertising a product, save your money bro, Rip Tips are trash

  9. $40 for something that I have to clean after each use (not before)? No thanks!

  10. For 60-70 you get a 8mm thick 18 inch beaker on DHgate

  11. I don’t grow +13 weeks Sativa-terpinolene dominant, cure them for 3 months, just to mix them with different flavors… no thanks

  12. If you wait 70 days instead of 90 you’ll be fine. There’s no scientific evidence behind the 3 months rule, it’s just an advice (a good one), a good rule of thumb, you could probably get away with 4-6 weeks but why take the risk?

  13. No, it’s too cold, and high speed+mdma is never a good mix

  14. Rain itself won’t be a problem, cold temperature (and cold rain) is the issue. Keep your feet dry and don’t get wet!

  15. Shills everywhere in this sub, suddenly everybody bought rip tips lmao

  16. Ok then let Californian growers harvest different genetics at the same time, you should do it when they’re ready.

  17. You can easily get great Italian pizzas in the US.

  18. In my opinon best to trim while wet. Wear rubber gloves it gets real sticky. Have patience, put on a good Playlist it takes a little longer than you think. Then hang her upside down so the moisture in the stems can make it the buds for even drying.

  19. Let profit-oriented growers wet-trim their plants, dry-trim is better under any point of view (but trimming time of course).

  20. The real meme is making a meme on curing time lmao

  21. Full of rip tips shills lately, do they pay well?

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