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  1. I'm pretty new at this, one month in with barista touch. Got a bottomless. Once beans are somewhat dialed in have no issue with splattering. I can help myself but lean down and watch the pour like a weirdo everytime.

  2. 4 years post injury I use mine like 5 times a year...

  3. I'm c6/c7, been on bumble for a minute now. Plug your YouTube channel I'm curious to see how it goes. Good luck

  4. Not knocking on TWW, but if you’re wanting to make your own from RO water, look up ‘rpavlis’ water on home barista forums or YouTube. Same idea but much cheaper.

  5. I still can't belive Germany caved to scummy "eco" activists and got rid of its nuclear plants. Clean safe energy that was providing energy independence from Russia oil and gas.


  7. The evidence over six decades shows that nuclear power is a safe means of generating electricity. The risk of accidents in nuclear power plants is low and declining. The consequences of an accident or terrorist attack are minimal compared with other commonly accepted risks.

  8. Acknowledging and greeting people is simply good manners. It's more weird to see cultures were people are socially awkward, avoiding eye contact and ant other social interaction. I rather people smile and say hi, you shouldn't expect people greeting you be sincerely interested what's going on in your life, that doesn't make sense.

  9. Yoi gonna love Guardians of the galaxy.

  10. Literally just started this today. I'm absolutely hooked. I love it.

  11. The dialog, the pacing and characters in this game are second to non.

  12. Could you please share the light set up? Great work

  13. I was told rawhide is bad for them, I just buy cheap cuts of meat and dehydrate for her. It's 5x cheaper then buying treats

  14. By the way, my husband just got me the Breville Touch for our anniversary two weeks ago! I am absolutely obsessed with it… I use it all the time. Still learning, but definitely getting better. Well I have to sell the little espresso machine that I purchased before that LOL. How is your experience going?

  15. So I've made several mistakes in the beginning that were easily avoidable but now I'm pretty with results. The machine is a bliss to use especially for me since I have limited hand function.

  16. I just got the Breville Barista Touch 2 weeks ago as a gift. Most amazing machine ever! You can use the totally automated, or you can run it manual if you want to. Lots of different choices. I absolutely love it… I’m obsessed with it! LOL

  17. I got the touch about a month ago and I'm loving it too. Took some time to learn the basics though, I knew nothing about espresso before that

  18. Returnal, guardians of the galaxy, Death stranding - I'm gonna busy for awhile now.

  19. Death Stranding is a perfect example that I don’t wanna pay full price but desperately wished to play for a long long time.

  20. I 100% agree with you. With 2 others I've mentioned I was actually about to purchase them when I saw it will be available for free. Both returnal and guardians are amazing games.

  21. No man's sky. Last of us 2. Outriders.

  22. Don't call this a "legitimate " exercise. It's streight up a dumb and dangerous one.

  23. There's like 67 things not working properly in my body, "sitting" is the last thing I'm worried about.

  24. That championship fight was quite embarrassing, she needs to be more humble until she proves herself as a real champ. Zhang om the other hand always gives her 100%, real people's champ of that division!

  25. I use a 28-200mm (full frame). A good zoom lens and no one will notice you from far away. Using a wide angle lens you’ll be up in everyone’s face. (Photographer for 2 years)

  26. I've been using 85mm it wasn't bad, i definitelylove the picture quality. I have a 70-200mm but the damn thing is huge 😂. Will definitely give it a try. Thank you

  27. Rank 75. Play nightmare story or rivals with your hunter

  28. Bear with me and I'll try to explain. Have you ever seen those cat toys that look like fishing rods with toys on the end? Maybe try to modify an actual fishing rod or long light stick with thin rope tied to it with a toy on the end. I'm sure your dog would like that. I hope you find a solution. Sorry if I've misunderstood what your needs are.

  29. You just described a flirt pole toy 😂👍

  30. Hi. I have a year and half old collie. She doesn't care about most toys. Here are the only ones she likes

  31. This got "patched". 😑 Looks like it, right? 😁

  32. You mean they fixed it? No this clip is from yesterday.

  33. Omg she looks so much like my girl😍

  34. Was Nate's cut deeper in Masvidal fight?

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