1. do you have any idea when it will release im really trying to get my hands on one

  2. well according to alot of articles and reviews the 2022 had some issues regarding check lights, battery dying etc so i was hoping these would have been fixed in the in the newer models

  3. super dope hopefully mine at 17 is the 2023 SL 63 AMG

  4. I wasn’t trying to be mean using the word newbie. But, all due respect, if you weren’t a newbie why would you be making a post about how to throw a knee?

  5. dude whats the fuss just tell him the bloody controls

  6. i really want to buy this car but i ser people shitting on it consistently and saying that you could get loads better with the price tag of this heap which makes me rethink my choice

  7. Our first two delivered SL63’s have been riddled with issues. Check engine light, dead batteries and steering malfunction warning. Don’t buy a first year new model.

  8. i see🤔 perhaps it be best to wait until mid next year also i hope these issues are addressed

  9. I guess to keep it simple if you need the seats or practicality get the amg gt63se, if you care about the driving AMG gtr, if you care about having the top down/luxury/tech then SL.

  10. honestly my the one to fit my lifestyle would be the SL63 its a convertible with multiple features, sporty look and decent speed but my aim is to find if the any of the others do have some sort of advantage over the SL63 which would make me change my decision overall

  11. They are entirely different. If that's the one that fits you best, I'd get that one. It's also new so probably a good time to buy. You should probably drive all 3, but the AMG GT R is not going to have the new tech and will be really uncomfortable. The GT 4 door would be similar to the S, but with a usable back seat if you need it. The SL is probably the best fit for you. (Just make sure you're okay with the depreciation, since the others you could get used)

  12. If you have proof that it was bought locally and you are a returning rwsident then there shouldn't be any customs duty. Ask to speak with their supervisor who'll probably have more sense than the goons.

  13. i did actually and the supervisor said “Well the product is still manufactured internationally” which made me loose it i started enraging at them since my family was with me as well and they finally let me go but they are charging me unjustly only trying to fill their own pockets

  14. I'll put my one down and you use your furcalling remedy thing

  15. Just reply +karma to one of my messages. Do this when you finish a trade with people it's just how to give karma

  16. I have only had like 2-3 wet dreams in my life and they have been during long nofap streaks. Afterwards I guess you are more suseptible to relapse but a wet dream doesn’t mean you relapsed.. It just means your mind is healing from years and years of heavy porn usage that has very elevated dopamine levels. During my worst days of using porn I haven’t had any dreams at all and even after 6 days I am starting to see regular dreams again. I had also limited the porn I used 10 days before my nofap streak to pictures and only one per masturbation session.

  17. For sure so in Ac2 it's finish memory sequence 3, synchronize 10 view points and finish one lair to get the special armor. I got the armor, did all view points and 100% the story none popped for me

  18. as usually there’d be a single bugged trophy for everyone but for so many not popping must be an issue with the platform

  19. i got all of these on my first attempt maybe its an issue with your platform? if so you should get in touch with the respective platform

  20. After watching The Boys, I'm less excited for this than I used to be.

  21. Stick to the tomahawk or sword for most fights, it's the fastest and most damaging option. For regulars & agiles, normal attacks + chainkills should work fine. With higher ranking soldiers like captains and grenadiers, pressing the jump button after countering should break their defense.

  22. i guess put more hours into the game but if your looking for a quick plat the guides on yt will help you with the s rank and tasks

  23. lmao this thread is such a joke i actually cannot believe you pussios are relating your real life situations to a character that dont exist and are getting mad over it lmao and personally i think snape bullying kids was justified by his actions in the end as he was then respected by the whole wizard world so safe to say even he moved on from his past as he died an amazing wizard

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