1. Unpopular opinion: Start putting these animals down.

  2. Unpopular opinion: I'd be more comfortable putting humans with this type of thinking down. People who lack empathy and compassion like this are generally psychopaths. Some put it to good use as CEO and others end up on True Crime documentaries.

  3. Oh my goodness! Buddha is soooooo cute! 💜

  4. I was dealing with hormonal acne for the first time in my life, last year. Glycolic Acid, retinol and vitamin c really helped, only get it during my cycle a bit now, like normal.

  5. Getz, Collins & Associates was fantastic. I had Stonetree law prior to them, was awful and they botched my case for a bit, released them and went with Getz Collins. They did an amazing job for me, even after the first firms screw ups.

  6. Which if you understand Virus’s is insane to willingly be infected by a Virus. Virus’s usually stay in you body for life. Scientists are now attributing things like MS, Diabetes, OCD, Cancer, etc to various Viral Infections and the more we learn about Virus’s the more we understand they’re never good. Virus’s aren’t your standard household “germs” that build your immunity. Every time you get infected with a Virus you run the risk of complications. Your chances of Death for example with COVID increase with every reinfection, because it’s an extra bad Virus.

  7. I'm sorry you've had such a rough go of it, but covid has also been found in at least 29 animal species. We're not about to kill off 29 species of animals, so unfortunately, it will never be fully eradicated. Zero covid is just not possible.

  8. The Mice who were Reinfected with COVID all died after 12 Reinfections…. You better hope they come up with better Vaccinations soon. Animals don’t travel all over the world bringing new variants everywhere on planes unmasked everyday, after a few years it would die down in the animal kingdom naturally if it wasn’t for us. A team of leading immunologists suggested it would only take two years of everyone wearing N95 masks in crowded public spaces to basically get rid of it completely.

  9. I honestly feel for you that you've had this experience, and despite the fact I strongly disagree with your sentiment and clearly stated severe level of fear, I can try to understand where you're coming from. It's just not a reasonable approach to take, overall, for everyone. There's an insane increase worldwide of excess deaths and complications from vaccines, lockdowns, social well being, children's learning, stillborn deaths, fertility etc. and of course economic crisis that harm many people in several ways too. Even the attempt at zero covid has had exceptionally troubling consequences around the globe and many experts are recognizing this, in hindsight. This needs to be balanced. Look at China, they're attempting zero covid and its been a massive failure with unimaginable harm to their people. We have to be rational. Sometimes that means dealing with a bad thing as best we can. Absolutely nothing in this world and life is without risk.

  10. Not Sephora, but the Colourpop Tinkerbell is my current favorite for greens. It's a good mix of green and neutral and it's super affordable!

  11. Agreed! I also really like ColourPops Just My Luck pallete.

  12. In addition to retinol for sensitive skin, vitamin c and low percentage AHA and BHA are good, but of course, sunscreen is a must, especially with actives. That said, the best results I've ever had was getting IPL Photo facial. The name is kinda misleading cause you can get it done on your neck and chest too. Holy batman that was eye opening and worked super well.

  13. Are there any products you recommend? I would love to do IPL, but unfortunately that’s not in the budget right now. Result pics on Google look amazing.

  14. My skin isn't terribly sensitive to actives, so the percentages I use will be higher, but the products I'm sure will yeild similar results, in their lower percentages. For a retinol, I really love The Ordinary ones (I've used SR and a bunch of high end too, but I still prefer TO). I use their 1%, but they have a 0.2% and a 0.5% as well and it's in squalane, so it's hydrating too.

  15. The last significant economic boom ended sharply and calamitously in 2015. Alberta recovered slowly but I've never seen times quite like those since. The city had a very different feel. Heady, exciting, optimism and opportunity abound. Almost anything felt possible. Despite my rose colored glasses, that period definitely had both positive and negative consequences.

  16. Exactly! We got hit HARD in 2015. Even now, my condo value still has not rebounded since its significant loss in 2015, so I'm looking forward to at least getting my purchase price back, in the foreseeable future. But, I do appreciate we've slowly diversified our economy over that time, rather than solely being boom and bust on O&G.

  17. I think it's fair to say that hygiene, cleaning and even junk food products, to some extent have always been cheaper at Super Store and Walmart vs a grocery store, so I don't think the listed items are a fair comparison. I'd be more interested in this if it was lbs of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy items, bread etc., solely grocery items. It is interesting to see the total basket price differences between the years though.

  18. I haven't used that one, but I've used their bath products and liked them, plus used the aromatherapy muscle balm and it seemed to help after workouts. So, I'm definitely open to trying it and because I'm in Canada and it's made with Hemp, it can't ship by itself, but can in a bundle.

  19. When did it actually ship? Usually it's several days after the ship date before you get updates. That said, I've noticed since they went back to DHL, you just might not get updates and 'hopefully' you get your order. Also, double check your confirmation shipped email to see if all the products you ordered actually shipped. It's been ridiculous lately. Good luck.

  20. It was shipped on the 20th. I checked and all the items on the listed were the ones I ordered. It does say wait 3-5 business days for updates but it’s been more than that.🥹 Thank you, I hope I get my orders too.

  21. If it shipped on Sept 20th and you still don't have updates, I'd contact CS. They won't do anything before 10 days without updates, but they will after.

  22. Awwww, I would totally psstpssstpsssst that little cutie!

  23. Yep that's insane. I'm at $45 per month 25gb with Telus. The only thing is I have to buy my phones at retail but savings are well worth it.

  24. Agreed, I'm paying $64 WITH a cell phone finance payment, unlimited everything with a different provider. To be fair, I only have 6GB of data on my plan. Don't want more.

  25. This is why I miss the old Met on 17th that was 25+.

  26. People get really offended by that idea. Much more than all the cancer patients and other people with non preventable illnesses not being to get any treatment because the antivaxx fucktards are wasting all the medical resources.

  27. People get offended by this because health care isn't free and our health care system is clearly documented to be failing well before covid. We all pay for it by way of taxation. It's not only unvaccinated that end up in hospitals. And lastly, if we were to take this approach, why not just apply it to everything then? Unsafe driving and car accidents, violence, alcohol and drug use, obesity, inserting unsafe objects into oneself for sexual gratification, STD treatment, workplace accidents, animal attacks, bicycle accidents etc., the list goes on. All of which are also preventable if everyone just lived in a bubble. It's an absurd notion.

  28. It looks like a black plastic box with a couple long wires sticking out and maybe connected to a phone/android???

  29. I'm intrigued. Have you figured out the answer to that question?

  30. Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed explanation. I genuinely appreciate it.

  31. Does Tarte still do the twice a year thing where you can pick out a half dozen (or more, I forget) items for $60 or whatever? Fairly sure one of them always falls in late October/early November. Cause I'd just wait for that over anything Boxy offers these days. You get to choose shades of things and there is a better chance it's not expired stock. Plus Tarte ships fast and their customer service is super responsive.

  32. 100% agree, I'd just buy off their site. They have awesome deals, constantly, and their Christmas sets are usually great. I've been a Tarte fan for several years, tbh... The selection shown here really isn't even a great representation of products. Don't get me wrong, their blushes are beautiful and people love the Lights, Camera mascara (I don't, but I LOVE their Maneater máscara), but they have so many other good/better products than shown here. Go check out their site and see if Boxy updates the promotion discount codes for one with Tarte.

  33. Have you tried face oils, then sealing them in with your regular moisturizer? I've found that to be really successful.

  34. Requesting a code, please. First time, so I'm not sure if they're country specific or not, but I'm in Canada, if they are. Thank you so much 😊.

  35. What do one of those cat carrier backpacks go for?

  36. There are tons on amazon for around $60

  37. Farmacy cleansing balm is in a jar but its all plastic so not really breakable in my experience. I drop things a lot haha

  38. I love the Farmacy balms. The Whipped Greens is my favorite and in a squeeze bottle.

  39. I got this same email too. I looked at the September items (If we actually get a September box) and there's so many things it's could be, mostly blush/bronzer.

  40. Lol sorry. I just keep reading how many people are getting bait and switched and I don't trust it at all anymore. I also just had my dropshop order from August cancelled cause they have no idea where it is. Things just continue to go downhill since the Ipsy merger. Makes me sad. Hopefully it's okay this month for us.

  41. Fifteen bucks an hour, 160 hours a month, that's $2400. Rent is usually around $1300 at best, without utilities. With utilities you're looking at around $1600. That gives you $800 to buy food, pay off your car insurance, bills, and so forth. You'll barely scrape by, will likely need a roommate.

  42. You still need to account for taxes, EI, CPP Etc. You're definitely not getting $2400 take home.

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