Guy saves his dog from mountain lion

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Paris, 1920

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  1. Nobody quits Minecraft. It's just the breaks in between sessions get longer.

  2. Love and thunder was better than endgame. Fight me.

  3. So, now that you're done with your temper tantrum, when do you want to start facing the fact that you're a pedophile apologist?

  4. Also a lot of those women have brothers who know where in the countryside to dump your body and are happy to spend some quality bonding time with the fam. Just saying.

  5. All men benefit from male violence with their silence. Men aren't victims in this but watch them claim victim hood.

  6. At first, I thought he was hitting him with a stick or pole and was being completely ineffective.

  7. So you mean to tell me that this man suspected of killing multiple people and injuring even more can take police on a chase and not get shot 60 times? Interesting.

  8. I know, right? It's amazing what obeying commands and not fleeing or resisting can do to increase your chance of surviving an arrest.

  9. Sci-fi is a sub-genre of Fantasy, so that kind of muddles things up a bit

  10. a man in NYC started keeping track of all the bad stuff the department he was in was doing. He then reported them to internal affairs.

  11. Yeah, I don't think this helps their cause. Makes the other side look like the sane ones.

  12. Show up alone, antagonize the shit out of everybody, get in peoples faces and dare them to touch you, shoot them in the back three times in self defence.

  13. Exactly. I’m supposed to be outraged because they’re being mean to a literal fascist.

  14. What a beautiful time, ruined by the fact that everyone there was speaking French.

  15. If you think the two events in question are in any way similar, you are too propagandized to be able to have reasonable, reality-based opinions.

  16. So, wait, which is it? Should the police have rushed a barricaded suspect, regardless of who could get caught in crossfire, or were they cowards for waiting for SWAT to arrive?

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