1. How is your audio connected? I ask because I have a similar issue but I have a sorta complicated audio solution (an optical switcher for my sonos)

  2. I have a samsung soundbar directly connected to the apple tv with an hdmi cable ..but i watch alot of content with my airpods pro and i have the same issue

  3. I thought Cross play was only for consoles

  4. i didn't know it was added to netflix ..Elysium is one of my favorite movies

  5. that's how it is at the start of every fifa ..then ea patches it and the gameplay becomes ridiculously fast ..enjoy it while it lasts

  6. how come coman is 86 and dembele is 83 while they have almost the same stats ?

  7. Yes you should be able to play at 27th 00:01.

  8. I have a question .. i bought fifa 23 from the U.S store (not my region ) ..but in my original account (my region) the 27th hit's earlier than when it hits the U.S ..does that mean i will be able access it on my region account before it unlockes on the U.S account ?

  9. it's not a big deal since xavi keeps playing him as RB and he's not even good at this position ..bellerin will have to step up and prove himself

  10. Physical game is already out in some countries

  11. I'm using the works only with my xbox account

  12. I don't care about engravings ..i will get case

  13. does it make a difference while watching movies/shows ?

  14. He should've got a straight red when he attacked carvajal and wasted precious time like an idiot ...but this is a nice dive from real madrid's player

  15. I like big phones ..if apple didn't make the 6.7 screens i would've never switched from samsung

  16. i have a samsung super fast charger , is it safe to charge a new iphone 14pm with it ? or should i buy an apple charger ?

  17. If you have audio sync issues you can set the apple tv display to be 4k SDR/HDR 23.98 Hz

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