1. Thank you for giving me hope! Im still in the panicking freaking out mode at 11w. The fear of pain and not knowing what to expect. I hope I feel the way you do at some point!

  2. I definitely understand! I finally feel some relief from the worry. Once the nursery gets set up, and you can feel your baby moving, and everyone around you is excited, it helps!

  3. I'm so sorry! I have had awful anxiety to the of barely being functional throughout 2nd and 3rd trimester. I totally get that sometimes when you are so triggered and spiraling, there is no way apps or meditation or mantras or therapy can help. You just need meds. I am tapering off my panic attack med (klonopin) so that the baby won't experience withdrawal when he's born. It has been ROUGH but I'm down to 0.25 from 1.0 mg. My psychiatrist and OB were both on board with me staying on the klonopin for a little while to calm down and get out of crisis mode. Now I'm experiencing some withdrawal symptoms as I try to taper. It's very hard with all of the pregnancy symptoms too. I don't have any specific suggestions but I really feel for you because my anxiety has reached crisis levels during this pregnancy and it sucks.

  4. This is a small grievance but I really hate the "jokes" they try to make. "Your baby weighs as much as a bag of flour. Next time you're in the grocery store, pick up the bag, but don't be surprised if you get some weird looks!"

  5. This is the first nursery that I've seen that I am actually so jealous of! Amazing!

  6. I am 38 weeks. I got a big second wind when the baby dropped. Pun aptly intended. Being able to breathe again was energizing in and of itself. That positivity lasted for like 4 days. It was splendid. Now I feel like every extremity weighs 1000 lbs. The past couple days I have indulged in things "because I'm pregnant" - got a fruit smoothie at the end of the grocery store trip, bought some popsicles, some fruit candy things for sugar during labor, dried fruit for labor, etc. I acknowledge heavily that I'm fortunate enough have money to spend on indulgences right now but having short term "treats" lined up in my immediate future is helping me mentally get to that next phase, next week or next 6 hours. I think giving yourself grace and lowering expectations of what you 'should' be doing right now helps, too. You just gotta exist through this period and anything 'extra' you did beyond that (put contacts in? Made your bed? Learned about something new?) friggin celebrate yourself.

  7. I love this response! I think we'd be friends - anxiety buddies and I also play video games :) Thank you for taking the time to give so many helpful suggestions and so much encouragement!

  8. This could have been me writing this. I have had anxiety every day since second trimester and panic attacks fairly often, maybe once per week. The panic attacks happen whenever I get triggered by a symptom that could be a sign of a health problem for me or the baby.

  9. Thank you, I hope you’re doing well. I go every day feeling so foggy, the slightest headache or muscle cramp throws me into pure panic. I never feel “normal” I say. It’s so bizarre what anxiety can do to a person.

  10. I just wanted to say that I have had this sensation since like 22 weeks. It doesn't sound as intense as what you're describing, but the feeling sounds very similar. I went through all sorts of tests. My BP was actually on the lower side. Echo and halter monitor came back fine. I think for me it was just a weird pregnancy symptom. It still happens sometimes. I have found that if I change positions it stops. I think the baby compresses some vessels or something. Mine was also accompanied by red face and feeling warm. I wonder if it is something similar. Hope you're okay!

  11. So first of all zoloft is absolutely compatible with breastfeeding, and is commonly used among childbearing women. There is no reason to avoid breastfeeding while taking zoloft, at all.

  12. Thank you so much, I've been a crying wreck over this between hormones and just finding out suddenly at 8 months that I would possibly nor be able to take my son home. I am going to call around to confirm this is actually the case, and switch to a different OB and practice if needed.

  13. You absolutely can breastfeed on these meds and unless you’re on a huge dose of Klonopin, the baby shouldn’t need any extra monitoring. You might want to look for a new OB.

  14. My dose is only 0.5mg (it generally goes from 1 - 10!) so I was also surprised at her reaction!

  15. I'm 29 weeks 3 days and I am MISERABLE at work. I am a high school teacher. I can't get comfortable, I have to leave class constantly to pee, I feel nauseous randomly, I can't really sit comfortably at my desk, I feel huge... I could go on and on. I work on the third floor and have to take the elevator to get up and down. I need to clean up for the end of the year but moving around makes me so exhausted. Third trimester is hitting HARD this week.

  16. You might try magnesium, it makes a huge difference with my restless legs. Also, my experience is that insomnia completely disappears after baby arrives, sure you’re up with the baby a bunch, but the sleep quality in between wake ups is soooo much better!

  17. I second this! I was skeptical but it really does work for some reason. I take my magnesium and prenatal before bed along with diclegis. The restless legs have been tolerable since.

  18. I have felt this way since 15 weeks and it SUCKS. Small portions for sure, and the other thing that I have noticed is that if I have a bunch of water along with a meal, I will feel ten times worse. So if I have any kind of food that makes me thirsty, I have to limit myself to little sips. I love and crave salty / savory food (pizza, etc) but I really do pay the price.

  19. I am in my 28th week and yes. I am a teacher, and I am finding it so hard. Usually I would be chasing after my students (high school age) to get their missed work in and worried about my end of the year evaluation. This year I just feel like, eh. It will all work out somehow. More worried about my health and getting my baby here safely.

  20. Loved reading this, #4 especially because I feel kind of strange and disconnected about this wriggling thing in my uterus. I know it will change, it's just so hard for me to comprehend that this is my SON in there making me sick for 7 months so far!

  21. Possibly. But I’m worried that I would forever hold it against him, that he wasn’t there to support me during the birth. He was the primary instigator for us starting a family together and I think I might end up feeling abandoned by him.

  22. I am sure he would someday be upset with himself for not being there. But maybe just having a "backup plan" in place would make you both feel less stress about it JUST IN CASE he has a panic attack and needs to step out? For me, knowing that I couldn't step out or leave a situation put the pressure on me and kept me panicking. If I had an "escape plan", I often wouldn't even panic. It was like I had to trick myself.

  23. Zoloft worked really well for me but i was extremely nauseous 24/7 nothing helped. When I stopped taking it the nausea completely disappeared. Now I’m on Wellbutrin and it’s making my emotions and thoughts worse. How did you deal with the nausea that Zoloft causes?

  24. Zoloft gives me insomnia and restless legs, at higher doses, but it didn't make me nauseous. It's different for everyone. Lexapro is a similar med, but it made me throw up for hours after I took it. The response that people have to the different meds is so varied! I'd try more types before giving up!

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