[Highlight] Mitchell absolutely posterizes Watanbe

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  1. You can't pay a union member more to stay competitive? What kinds of backwards shit is that?

  2. This is why this partially why a win for Fain is so huge. Previous UAW leadership was corrupt and fucking over its members every contract negotiation. Finally they've been allowed to elect their own leadership. Hopefully Fain better represents UAW's members.

  3. It might not replace devs, but it will make development easier for someone with less skill than you to do your job. AI might not replace everyone, but it will make a lot of people's jobs a lot easier to do and drive the cost of labor down in highly specialized fields.

  4. OR, AI will be a very useful tool for people that understand how to use it in the most efficient way. And those developers will replace developers who don't use AI as a tool.

  5. Depends on the book and on the reader. Cyrano barely has a plot and only one interesting idea in the whole book but it's a masterpiece purely because of the prose. I literally get giddy reading it just through the flow of the words.

  6. If we're going to get picky about who was the first to use a machine fucking someone in the ass as a joke, I'm sure South Park is many years out of the running as well.

  7. Levert pushing him before running back is so funny LOL

  8. Good thing he did too or Donovan might have got a tech lmao

  9. Can you do it on a month by month basis? Because I don't really want to do it for April but I might want to do it come August/September when my summer slows down.

  10. The westbrook one is sick, tough shot with no time left over a way taller guy.

  11. Not to mention he threw it off his fucking foot while he was flailing around. It's honestly almost more impressive that he was able to get it back to himself so easily than the shot itself.

  12. Idk if you know this but he actually invented catching a football with one hand.

  13. Maybe you're not familiar with this run? They run tens of thousands of people down it each fall. They sell this rapid and four others as class v. People in the biz call it commercial class v. And it's accurate. For your average auto worker from Michigan with no whitewater knowledge, these rapids are long enough, steep enough, exciting enough and present enough consequence to warrant that rating.

  14. Having swam lost paddle I can assure you it's class v enough for me lmao

  15. You're rollin deep into reddit tonight... that's from two years ago!!😂

  16. 😂😂😂 can't help it lmao. Great sub to sort by top all!

  17. Awesome. Coolest gorilla line I think I've ever seen. I can't stop watching how dude made speed trap look pedestrian. So sick.

  18. Why doesn't Mexico have Andres Muñoz 😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Dude has some of the nastiest stuff I've ever seen. Absolutely tremendous pitcher.

  20. Noooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Great catch. Really difficult and he made it look completely routine.

  22. they followed deer trails like a moron and didn't even look at their compass when walking. this is like rule 1 of being in a forest and if they actually were mountain people like they claimed they would've known this right away.

  23. The scene with the map and them "figuring out" that the tide retreated far enough to leave that spot dry drove me nuts. It wasn't a fucking bathymetric map of the river lol and they didn't have a tide chart or anything, they 100% just saw that the spot dried up. I was PRAYING they'd get stranded for the night on that island, especially after Amber pointed out the tide was coming in and Jill was basically like shut up who cares. Speaking from experience, those sloughs flood FAST.

  24. The crabbing was also staged. Come on, day one they catch 12 crabs in 3 traps but the rest of the time they don't catch a single one. Not just that you see the traps sitting at the camp sight and not in the water.

  25. I lived in an actual town in this region(ish) of Alaska for a summer. Everyone there hunts and fishes and I had plenty of game and fish that summer from generous community members. I saw a lot of fucking crab and not ONE of them was even half the size of the smallest crab they caught.

  26. I was at the game and couldn't believe it. From where I was sitting I thought she just had to hit the board and was like oh that's not so bad. Then they cut to the camera on the other side of the hole and I lost my fucking mind. Awesome.

  27. Yeah. It's been a while since I last saw it, but the play was different than the book. It made Atticus out to be an extremely classist man in the end, but seemed to paint it in a positive light? It was a really odd choice to make.

  28. That's how he is in the book, part of the point of Attitcus as a character is that like any other human, he has his own prejudices, hell in the book his main case of defense beyond Tom having only one working hand is to potray the Ewell's as trash because Bob is a rapistband child beater and Mayella as conniving to sleep with Tom, going so farcas to bribe her siblings to leave the house. If anything, the portrayal in the play makes Attitcus way more sympathetic to Mayella's situation than the book does. What makes Attitcus still important is that unlike the other townsfolk, he is aware of his prejudices and when his emotions begin to take over in court towards Bob and especially Mayella, he calms himself down and reminds himself of their situation "being in their skin." Bob is a racist and is also prejudice against Attitcus who he sees as an intellectual, which he makes antisemitic remarks towards even though Attitcus isn't Jewish. Bob and Attitcus are supposed to be counters of each other, both have sone semblance of ignorance and prejudice but unlike Bob, who allows his to consume him, Attitcus practices what he preaches which is to be above that and to be empathetic and understand the individual and to not let your emotions dictate how you treat someone when you're in a position of privilege or a position of difference.

  29. Ahh that's all interesting, thanks for the writeup! It's been an even longer time since I read the book and, while I'm hardly a brain genius now, I was a much dumber person last I did. I really only remember Atticus as being a sort of superman like figure.

  30. Cool didn't want to see the end of the game I was watching anyways, thanks

  31. Are people really acting like this was a bad pitch? It is a fastball at the top of the zone running towards the batters hands that catches a tiny amount of plate.

  32. It was almost the exact same pitch as the one he hit out before

  33. The 1st one was middle middle, lmao. This pitch was on the black up and in, it was just a good piece of hitting.

  34. We reach that critical turning point over a decade ago. The soil phosphorus crisis is going to be devastating. We are fucked beyond belief.

  35. Seriously. I studied environmental science I college. My classmates and I used to joke that our curriculum was basically "all the ways we're fucked and how they're never going to change." I remember seeing the graph of our phosphorus use and what it's used for vs the length of the phosphorus cycle and just feeling dread. There are just so many complex things that nobody has ever even heard of that could, when they go wrong, change how we experience life completely, but nothing will be done about them.

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