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Netherlands [2] - 0 USA - Daley Blind 45+1'

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  1. It’s clearly on the release notes dude….

  2. Yeah, when you release a long ass list of notes, you can't be surprised it would get missed.

  3. I usually get some version of "statistics isn't real, it's just people lying" or "probability isnt real, things happen or they don't happen"

  4. In german speaking countries you get this quote a lot:

  5. This is like thinking that cooking is bad because someone out there poisoned a meal.

  6. You should reply "well that makes you a frequentist" ;)

  7. So if you bought the W12, would you also need to buy the W13 to drive it?

  8. If you do both a D or C and a B or A, do you get from both or just the highest one?

  9. Both - you can do however many series you want, but it tops out at $10.

  10. Last time I drove PCC, there were a lot of verrry slow Mustangs, so much so that they were holding up the whole MX5 field. The thing is a bit of a boat tbf, the first few corners are going to be interesting as I imagine the 86 will be faster in the corners

  11. That is realistic though, I've watched plenty of real-life Michelin Pilot Challenge races where the slowest GS cars are getting caught by the TCR leaders, or where the slowest LMPs are getting caught by the GT leaders.

  12. It's your money, so it's up to you if moving away from the V3s is worth the cost.

  13. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have to see a "Turdope Kills Vets" flag attached to a hockey stick in the IGA parking lot soon.

  14. Oh wait, I thought you were antisa1003, because what I wrote was similar to what they replied. I don't see what exactly I paraphrased that you said. Can you quote it?

  15. I said perpetual war it is. You replied saying the same thing in more words.

  16. You just sarcastically agreed with antisa1003 while I expressed my opinion about why I thought perpetual war was a valid option.

  17. Still waiting on Portugal's Portimão...

  18. One of my favourite tracks with all the elevation changes.

  19. Kyalami, Sepang, Bahrain, Dubai, Estoril, Portimao, Castellet, Mugello, Misano

  20. I wish more people understood this. Hitler & the Nazis absolutely used propaganda & an amazing array of manipulative communication to influence Germans (and others), but it’s not like the Germans had no idea. Many who didn’t participate were complicit in their silence or supported it from the sidelines. Those supporters scattered like cockroaches when the global lights shone on it & Hitler was stopped. Then they all claimed ignorance/innocence.

  21. Knowing is one thing, doing anything about it is another. Germans that attempted to resist were summarily executed, and that has quite an effective deterrent to others who disagreed with them.

  22. this Mbappé guy seems very talented. i think he could do well in future

  23. If he keeps it up, he might be in the discussion for one of the best in the world. Let's see how he progresses.

  24. Disco Elysium is the best book I've ever played.

  25. The ending was a huge disappointment, but everything up to that point was fantastic.

  26. Bioshock trilogy, half life series are my favourite.

  27. This is a huge upset, given the information I've been given leading up to this game on

  28. Don't pull your back too hard moving goalposts, you might be asked when Americans took a referendum of their own.

  29. You asserted the Canadian people gave consent. That would necessarily entail some kind of referendum.

  30. 12 groups of 4, the 8 group winners with the most points (or tie breaker) get a bye for the next knockout game, the other 16 qualified go through an extra round.

  31. If they had formed a Super League they wouldn't have needed to pay their players "under the table".

  32. Yeah because the SL would somehow put them above Italian labour laws.

  33. lol "rightwing extremists or milquetoast centrists". By all means, keep feeding the GOP machine, things will go great for you someday.

  34. It's ok, you don't have to be ashamed to be a Republican,

  35. Promote Rueda, then at least he can get fired after another failing season.

  36. It's a computer program designed to measure if a player is ahead of the other. No human interaction at all. It's as objective as it can get.

  37. So instead of that, we'll trust Anthony Taylor? Nah, I'll pass on that.

  38. The US has not allowed a goal from open play against Iran, England, and Wales… but do go on

  39. Canada played an attractive form of football against Belgium and Croatia. That it didn't convert into any points doesn't detract from that.

  40. Cool style of play has nothing to do with results

  41. It's the Word Processor profession listed that really makes this.

  42. And I bet she didn’t see the day her profession just becomes an application.

  43. It was 12 years ago, I would imagine by now any actual hate would be replaced with a "ayo, fuck you lol". And the rest would simply be like "Omg can I have a picture?" If anyone still holds a genuine grudge against him, they need to grow up.

  44. I don't know, every time I see Ireland fans bring it up, they are VERY hostile about the whole thing.

  45. Probably the greatest tactical foul in football history

  46. I still don't understand why people hold it against him.

  47. For the price of 3 pedals you could buy decent rig with motion platform. Question is if this will be even popular enough to software developers even bother to try to introduce it to the games so it will actually make a difference in comparison to "usual" pedals... so the feel of the ABS kicking in, different feels depending of the car and so on... or you will just end up with loadcell/hydraulic pedals feeling with servomotor. This equipment isn't even for enthusiasts it is for snobs. I was willing to pay a lot of money for it, exceeding by far my budget for the pedals, but 2,4k for single pedal is ridiculous. I have a feeling that people will go for simagic or asetec pedals waiting for other companies to develop their own force feedback pedal solution and then do another purchase for 1/3 price per single pedal.

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