1. You don't really need wings to kill the mech bosses. Twins just use a grav potion destroyer has a thousand ways to cheese and prime just needs a really long platform.

  2. Player difficulty just dictates what you drop or if that character can join journey mode worlds. World difficult effects how much damage enemies do, if they can drop master mode item's, or if the world is co sidereal a journey mode world which has a whole host of effects.

  3. My parents would probably best be described as center left with some conservative ideas

  4. Why do English speakers change other culture's language?

  5. Are you saying being non binary is inherently an English phenomenon.

  6. Yea I still don't understand the connection between love being fake and hookup culture and polyamory even if you take your relationships very seriously.

  7. Stone skipping is really interesting, I’ve never heard of it, thanks for telling me.

  8. Technically speaking there are only nine bosses needed to beat the game.

  9. Yea so maybe we're asking the wrong question here. Instead of wait for some corporate to half ass something for brand recognition maybe instead we should be asking for new a better stories in a universe we love.

  10. Best advice is never trade mythicals unless you have a duplicate

  11. So then your obviously not going to be seeing alot of the shut that goes on right.

  12. so I can't talk on what I've been seeing?

  13. Nope not saying that just saying you might not be the most informed when talking about this issue.

  14. I never said it was the intention to make a big deal out of identities. But it does that. I do think the history of the LGBTQ+ is important.

  15. Who you love effects your personality your gender effects your personality tho.

  16. The point of pride isn't to make a big deal out of identities. It's to show what the community has gone through and how we continue to live even under the oppression we currently face.

  17. It's pride month what do you expect. Also like half of the comments about the lgbtq community are hateful anyway.

  18. I mean veterans month is May. Maybe try to be a little lounder in your support?

  19. I'm in the US and they are either called teacher work days or records day

  20. First Christianity was used to justify horrible actions like the holocaust.

  21. So your just gonna ignore the antisemitism argument and the fact that you still haven't shown how traditional views lead to a better society. Christianity is still used to this day to justify authoritarians also the kim family uses the ideas of theism to justify there rule. Just because a state isn't Christian doesn't mean that they don't use the ideas of theism to justify their rule. Also didn't address the whole monarchy thing and how Christianaty is used to justify that. At this point there's probably no way to move your ideas away from this just remember theism has and will continue to be used to justify horrible actions.

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