1. People forget, he actually doesn't suck. Top half of the league qb. But Browns is the Browns.

  2. Reddit opinion of baker📈 NFL opinion of baker📉 it amazes me how he constantly gets overrated in here

  3. He gets overrated because people feel bad for him, not because of his actual talent. They hate the Browns currently (rightfully so) and so they hate everything they do

  4. People forget, he had just over half a year of great QB play. The coach and GM that finally had a good system in place for him, decided to move on. That should tell you all you need to know.

  5. Isn’t this the first major suspension determined by a third party (Judge Sue Robinson) rather than Goddell, per the new CBA?

  6. Oh I think the only thing to take here is that the investigation is mercifully over if they are investigating negotiating.

  7. For sure, I’m there. Just think he’s pulling “she suggested an unprecedented punishment” so far out of his ass

  8. Yeah i have a feeling that the NFL is arguing at least one full season. I hate it here man.

  9. I wouldn’t dig too much into this. It’s obviously a leak from one of the sides to push the other. That’s all any of this is going to be until we find out

  10. The way I’m looking at it is do you want Baker or a possible chance at Stroud or Young in the draft next year?

  11. I’m not sure Pete has it in him to tank but if these two play even the same as they did last year, they’re going 1-2. I have a hard time believing the Seahawks finish as one of those two.

  12. Except the Winovich being on the patriots part

  13. I just want to see the browns spend $800 billion to move laterally from Baker to Jimmy G

  14. Yeah giving up capital to get Jimmy would suck but if he’s cut and browns just pay him a nice deal this year, I’m all for it for the season

  15. It seems they had talks but the Browns didn’t think Russ was worth it at the time. I’m sure they’re kicking themselves now.

  16. Yeah I’m sure Stefanski and Berry are pissed they didn’t walk into a franchise QB.

  17. No they didn’t. They accepted the money, said no to the NDAs

  18. You said immediately which isn’t true. They accepted all parts of the deal except for NDAs, which funny enough, they accepted this time around.

  19. Drag it out to what end? I keep seeing people say this and I don't understand. If it goes to trial, best case scenario is the outcome is the same, plus the women won't be subjected to a prolonged trial that forces them to relive their experiences.

  20. I think many believe he’s going to criminal court or something. It’s odd. In the end, civil cases are about money. Settle or not, it’s only money.

  21. Reminder, to anyone who thinks he didn't do anything wrong, why would he settle?

  22. Reminder to anyone who knows anything about law

  23. Don’t know how reliable he is vs the run but he’s a solid player from what I can tell.

  24. He put up some flashy stats this past year but overall graded pretty poorly and isn’t always there. Big play then hides for awhile.

  25. We need depth more than anything, so a rotational piece that can get a sack seems like a good get, although I want Suh

  26. Even when we didn't have a loaded wr room, he would take games off. He had some really great games and some really bad ones. It looked like he'd give up if he wasn't being targeted.

  27. Well lucky him, in our WR room, he may be the only one targeted.

  28. I mean he is getting paid 20 million a year.

  29. Money over the next couple years doesn’t mean much tbh. Where the cap is going and the available money the Browns have isn’t much of a deal. Now, if he gets a new deal and he’s inconsistent, I won’t be a fan but a 5th rounder for his current deal is a steal in this current market.

  30. But the prosecution isn't the Grand Jury. The prosecution would have had to throw this case HARD if that's actually the reason why the GJs didn't convict. I honestly don't see how they could look at the facts and then decide they don't believe any crime at all has been committed

  31. Because, as awful as it is, it’s he said she said on what happened in that room.

  32. You know people can actually look at your history, right? You defend Watson nearly every chance you get - particularly in the

  33. That’s just not true. Plenty of comments saying I’m against the trade and Watson. But just because I talk about the potential of the guy being our QB or how, from a criminal standpoint, it’s going to be hard to convict him. Doesn’t mean I’m defending him or what I’ve done. Just speaking in a practical sense and not in hypotheticals like this sub has been doing

  34. I mean I think those two are so insane, but Chubb is clearly the bell cow. Every game I saw last year (especially vs Green Bay) he would go insane at like 6 yards a clip and then Baker would touch the ball and throw a pick.

  35. He was the bell cow because hunt was out most of the year. In reality, Hunt would be the one to close out games in 2020.

  36. Jacoby Brissett and I can tell you from recent experience that is NOT ideal.

  37. He’s serviceable behind a solid O-Line and support cast of running backs(his time with the colts)

  38. Oh yea 100%. But he probably would play out the last year if they didn't get Watson I'd guess?

  39. Lol get fucked browns, congrats on your 230 million dollar clipboard holding rapist

  40. Quick googling showed me contracts toll during suspensions. Ridleys was named

  41. Hmm interesting. I’m seeing a few Browns guys I follow mentioning it so they’re obviously wrong. Appreciate it

  42. Makes this signing even more of a disaster for me. I get that he is young and the Browns are playing the long game, but to me it is basically a surrender for a season. You can tell me that Brissett is a serviceable back up but I don't think he wins us more than Baker would have had the Browns not done this deal.

  43. While I do agree wasting a season sucks. If it’s a full year, Watsons contract doesn’t even toll. Gives. Another year for the cap to go up and for us to be able to bring in better players. Sucks wasting a year of the guys currently on the team though

  44. It’s me, I’m NFL executives.

  45. While I agree it SHOULD be the case, it’s just not what it’s been used for. Especially since they’re all being brought on as civil cases.

  46. I understand you want to defend your organization as we would all want to go. But be objective. I’m positive they have quite a few moves planned to help prepare for this PR nightmare. This is just one of them.

  47. I still can’t get over the fact that you think they hired essentially the second most important person in terms of football operations STRICTLY as a PR control.

  48. Did I say it was the sole reason? No. But if you don’t think it was a calculated decision to try and help their current PR nightmare you’re just being a homer.

  49. This came out weeks ago by the way, it was just made official today.

  50. If they would have hired her before the rapist, no one would be making these comments. Framing it the way you did is disingenuous.

  51. No it’s not. Not a single person is talking about her success and how it lead to this position.

  52. Including you and other browns fans. Yall are all just trying hard to deflect the public image of this move.

  53. It’s hard to talk about it when it’s drowned out by comments like this.

  54. Please don’t look at this man’s Twitter account. He is unhinged. Due to all the Browns accounts I follow, he comes up a lot. He completely believes nothing happened here. Insane.

  55. If Watson gets only a 4 game suspension then his Browns debut will be the Chargers with the revamped defense with Bosa, Mack, James, and Jackson.

  56. Yeah I see that defense giving up zero points all season. Unstoppable

  57. What he did is not against the policy, the NFL has no rules against sex workers, Krafts arrest was the issue, what Watson did is actually against the policy

  58. If a players was openly going around, banging hookers or going to the same places Kraft was going to and got arrested for it or even it got out that they were doing it, it’s 100% against the policy.

  59. The personal conduct policy doesn't say anything about prostitution.

  60. There’s a general “don’t make us look bad” clause in there.

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