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  1. I applaud you for your efforts, but there are still a couple more. To name a few, transnistria took a part of ukraine, Finland is also extended, all the super small countries do nit exist anymore, and there are two Slovakia's

  2. Imagine not being legally able to defend your home and family. That's like basic shit.

  3. If someone breaks into my house with a gun to steal my tv they can have it. I won’t risk my life and my family’s life to prefect a tv. That can be replaced. If you bring a gun there will be a shoutout and then the risk of you or your family dying is much greater. Congrats, you fooled yourself. But I guess you still have your tv.

  4. Ahhh we don’t have tornadoes here lol

  5. True but op has posted Norwegian things before it seems so I assumed

  6. Look at the table, very few countries outside Europe are really into winter sports. Sports of Winter Olympics lack global popularity.

  7. Doesn’t make it less exciting for the countries with a big culture for winter sport

  8. The ones with a pattern can be identified by their pattern, so you know which lighthouse you're looking at. The ones that are always on can't be identified and can be confused with other light sources. When you're on watch you can easily spot something that blinks every couple or seconds.

  9. Yeah Ofc. But the ones which appears to be flashing are also always on. But when looking at the map and seeing Southern Europe for example, it looks like it’s not just flashing but that the lights are not on all day/night just in some periods

  10. I don't think this shows the difference between day and night at all. The whole loop is just 6 seconds long. It's showing the blinking patterns, but I think it's sped up.

  11. That’s wired because we have blinking patterns here too

  12. Norway has a lot more than 55.000 islands. Last time Norway counted they had 239.057.

  13. Nr.2 was IBML, but close. 🍪

  14. What I wouldn't give to have a time machine to go back to the time when that opened up and flooded the Mediterranean. Must have been incredible.

  15. Fun fact: It was actually the other way around. The mediterranean sea has always been full of water, and one day it was so full that it spilled over into the atlantic valley, creating what is now known as "the ocean".

  16. Thank you for the answer! We’ll definitely try, if the weather allows us. I think tomorrow or 20th morning will be without clouds, if is correct.

  17. Sounds like a plan! Have fun! And remember yr is never correct 😉

  18. Thank you! Really? I thought yr was the most precise. 😅 Perhaps you could recommend better source?

  19. Its just a common thing to joke about. The weather in Norway (especially in the mountains) varies a lot. Like in the mountains, one valley can have sun while the other has heavy rain. often is correct but not always very precise. So take your raincoat and a wool sweater with you always haha

  20. Misread sorry. But no not me lol

  21. Nice! I think some of these could be higher and lower tho imo.

  22. Thats whats interesting 😁 i like every song but some just hits differently. Everyone has their own opinion but all agree ID is the best!

  23. Ah, i see youre a man of culture aswell

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