1. Imagine the level of delusion you have to entertain to think the head of DC is gonna pick someone else to be the posterboy for your future plans just to one up a scooper

  2. Did anyone realistically expect this film to implode so badly?

  3. The three major arcs of Bleach is essentially Ichigo and co going to a strange land, fighting a group of enemies who all have two powerups and one of their friends going missing/kidnapped in the process. All while Ichigo learns that he actually has the same power as the enemy he fights.

  4. Grace, maybe just stop scooping DC, Gunn obviously doesn't like you and will take glee in proving you wrong.

  5. I'm sure he has potential, but every single thing I've seen him in Superman related has been mediocre to bad.

  6. I understand this is Grace's livelihood, but she has to know that he's gonna debunk her

  7. Lots of people in this thread saying Giles as if that is obvious I feel must have only watched Buffy and not watched Angel.

  8. are we talking Wesley from Buffy or Wesley from Angel? because the answer depends on that IMO

  9. Still think this Batman should be DCU Batman, can't even use the "It's grounded" excuse anymore with Clayface around.

  10. Grounded doesn't necessarily mean realistic. It's more the tone. The Batman just has a noir and gritty tone that I just don't think really would mesh with Gunn's over the top and goofy shenanigans. It's not the idea of mysticism and sci fi that set Reeves movies apart, but the other elements.

  11. I think it would mesh very well, just like how in the comics Batman in his main series is a gritty detective and in the team up series he's more fantastical.

  12. Nope, it was edited to make it sound like that, however, he still shouldn't have brought Wick up at all. It's obvious that it's not a family movie. Him saying that is not so subtly telling people to watch his movie instead.

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