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Can't stop seeing stars

  1. Deep-sea lanternfish are so densely populated that despite the deep ocean’s comparatively small list of species it has more biomass than the sunny ocean.

  2. A duck sized horse would be as weak as a 8 week old puppy dog, I would stomp it to death with ease

  3. Horses =/= infantile dogs. The logic of your argument assumes every animal is nearly identical except for size, but even relatively similar animals like crocodiles and komodo dragons that are similar in size and basic features like scales, cold-bloodedness, four legs, etc. are drastically different in how they hunt… and their bite force. A duck is simply not a creature designed to kill something with a bite. A horse is a creature designed to shatter bones with kicks. These facts remain the same even if the size is altered. Obviously there is a point where size is too great a variable (I’d much rather fight a hundred gnat sized horses than a mountain sized duck) but I don’t think this is the point where size overrides all other features.

  4. Even at a smaller size, its kick would probably still break your foot in one hit.

  5. Bro you ain't even talking to the right unit I'm 11187 not 111187 SMH my clankin head

  6. Ain’t my fault yo’ rusty ass is so boring and forgettable that I could mix you up with any other generic-ass droid in the battalion you unoiled motherboard havin’ ass

  7. I'll have you know I have over 300 confirmed jedi kills and have served in 2500 missions without ever breaking a single circuit, the sith sit below me and so does your ass

  8. The sith don’t sit below me because they’re sitting on my lap riding this dick, while you and the entirety of your shitty battalion are sitting below me lapping at my balls. Your programmer was an obese whore and your engineer loved data so much he got an extra set of chromosomes. 99% of your 300 jedi kills were disabled padawans and the other 1% were geriatric shits so old they had never seen a droid before and died from a heart attack onset by confusion at how a piece of scrap metal was moving. I’m going to fuck your commanding officer in the exhaust pipe. Suck this knob clanka.

  9. “It’s not just Morbi-me, or Morbi-you, but the power of Morbius”

  10. We’re talking like Thomas the train engine was ever a lore filled great franchise did I miss something

  11. Dawg, read up on the lore. There is a canonical Thomas the Train Engine genocide, the steam engines we see living on the island are the only survivors, and if they’re not efficient enough while shipping goods along the tracks they will be killed (and dismembered) too.

  12. That's not really true. The Sudrian engines aren't the only survivors - all irl preserved steam engines irl survive in the Thomas universe too and we sometimes see them too, like the Flying Scotsman, Wilbert, etc.. And it's not true that they have to work hard or else be scrapped, it's been established several times that the Fat Controller is a preservationist

  13. He is a preservationist but he doesn’t have the influence to secure their safety reliably; we see a scrapyard and Thomas meets a train who is hiding out in the woods to not be scrapped.

  14. I'll make the sacrifice for you all. I'll nut tonight, rub it on my face and edit in the morning with results.

  15. If they tried to talk her out of it then she would have sued them for that anyways

  16. She might not win the case but she and social media will definitely cancel the doctor, hurting his business

  17. Nah, everyone knows that when you decide you’re not trans your ability to cancel someone is sucked out of your body and dispersed amongst the liberal left

  18. How many times do I have to teach you this lesson old man, Star Platinum has superhuman strength and the op power of timestop because Jotaro is a cocky, arrogant teen who thinks he’s superhuman and on top of the world, which is a trait Dio absolutely shares. Yes, the rest of their personalities are different, but the parts that are reflected by their stands are the same.

  19. 69 according to a year old BBC article.

  20. I mean what was he SUPPOSED to do? We don’t have the actual interaction, but it sounds like he had no intent to trespass and was getting an aggressive security routine from these guys…

  21. They probably were a little aggressive for the sake of protocol, but I’d be shocked if they wouldn’t have let him walk out the front door with anything more than a slap on the wrist. It really wasn’t necessary.

  22. I feel like if all the animals held a council to decide whether or not humans should stick around the main argument would be:

  23. Jarvis throw everything in the trash except the tits and thighs. place the tits on the tights. And lets call it a day. Or actually call it laday

  24. Lmaoooo I had a dream about Morbius getting adapted into a TV show last night too except it was a commentary on racism and political corruption in America and everybody on Twitter was either defending it until their last breath or hated it with every cell in their body

  25. Must’ve been one lucky weak bone if you managed to stay intact until your skin peeled away and you became an undead fossil skeleton. Glad that you’re finally gone, pathetic trash.

  26. Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room, let’s spend the night together from now until forever

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