1. Oh well. That customer will be remembered and ensured worse service and FOOD next time. The kitchen and management will be told they are difficult/complain and either banned or have anyone refuse to serve them.

  2. Oh, I'm sure they are dying to go to a place where even the waffles aren't safe for them to eat.

  3. ... did you even READ (and understand, but I suppose that's a long-shot for you) the post?

  4. Jug class?? That’s a new one lol, what are the starting benefits for that?

  5. It's one of the two originally meant for Warrior, and it's the quintessential Sith... it's basically a Vader/Kylo-ren simulator.

  6. Haa right my bad. This is great info thanks so much. I do kinda want lighting, but I def want force choke too. Lightsaber throw I could live without tho, that’s ganna be a tough decision. I foresee myself staring at the opening character customization for at least an hour or two tonight when I have time to play 😩🤣🤣🤣

  7. Doggos don’t know how to pop their ears like we do, so when I flew with my little one I had some treats with me and I kept feeding her little bits throughout takeoff and landing. The swallowing helped her ears pop so she wasn’t in pain. It worked pretty well.

  8. To get the boring part out of the way (if you haven’t already):

  9. The only ones that aren't one use are the mounts/pets that you can drop in every SH.

  10. Costco has the best underwear. I won't use the membership enough to justify it, but I absolutely need to find a friend with a Costco membership just for the undergarments. They also always had super comfortable camis and sports bras/ bralettes.

  11. They stopped making the kirkland camis and I've been sad ever since Q_Q

  12. Noooo. So what I'm hearing is I need to keep my pit stained ones with the little holes around the pants buttons forever for layering purposes. They were the best. Actually long enough to safely tuck in and everything.

  13. I'm still hoping they bring them back, but yeah~

  14. Crafting changes are supposedly happening somewhere down the line of 7.x's content. But as far as I remember, the next big thing they are currently focussing on, ostensibly targeted for 7.2, is changes to PVP.

  15. Lets be honest, at this point they need to just give up and hold whatever 7.0 crafting they planned for 8.0

  16. All of this amazing feedback towards Andor so far, and I’m sure when the next series/movie comes out they’ll do the complete opposite of Andor/Rogue One and release the crap again.

  17. I mean, at least they learned how to use flashbacks properly, vs the BoBF nonsense...

  18. I loved reading this. Reminded me of my shock as a child. Honestly such nostalgia

  19. Why did Mayans stab people and pull their hearts out? Obviously so the kids couldn't reach them.

  20. Watch, After our society falls and the next grows out of it, they'll be trying to find evidence of the very well-documented wizarding world and intergalactic flight capabilities we left so much art and literature depicting.

  21. And you've seen the entire series, have you?

  22. NGL, if they're going to make this a plot point (in this or any season/series) it'd suck to have it outed in an interview.

  23. And it could explain why Luthen was so worried about beefing up the mission. Losing the daughter of the Resistance leader is potentially bigger than failing to grab a sector payroll.

  24. See, but a bigger issue than even losing the daughter of the/a resistance leader would be if they captured that daughter - and at this stage of the rebellion IDK if they can risk that... even for a sector payroll.

  25. There's absolutely zero chance an author would ever be constrained in that way, unless they were novelizing an already existing IP.

  26. Fair enough, I don't pretend to know much of author-film/show deals... but I know they went by his plans for the end of the series (or at least that's what they officially claimed).

  27. I’ve just started the books after watching the show and I WISH I would have read them first, they’re leagues better than the show.

  28. Yeah, I read the books, then watched the show.

  29. Meanwhile, mine refuses any kind of permanent collar Q_Q

  30. Yes, as long as the story it has (origin) has been done before on that legacy (have chivi).

  31. From what I know about watching a YouTube video once, you take a guitar string and put it attached to an electric rotor so it goes back and forth and dip it in pen ink (which I’m sure is safe for your skin /s)

  32. I think they mean the art style vs method

  33. If I have to get that close to tell what they are. Its a bad tattoo.

  34. I mean, it's her boyfriend basically explioting her addiction to doodle, so~

  35. I expect it gets cut down into smaller crystals for use in lightsabers

  36. No the next episode is 100 years in the future when westeros discovers electricity

  37. Are we sure we won't see this in the next episode?

  38. I don't really PvP, so take the stuff below with some salt, but...

  39. Pic looks like you don't have a recurring sub, at least not directly via

  40. So you are saying that they can/will ban your account if you remove your card, or if you cant pay the sub fee? I'm sorry but that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard, considering you are paying for 30 days in advance to play the game. That would be the same as fucking netflix or hbo would ban your account for letting your sub to their streaming platform run out.

  41. They might, yes, because on their end it'll appear like taking out a sub, then taking it back... so getting the 30d and then refusing payment.

  42. Looks like the red is a more recent cover that mentions the show.

  43. If it's client side (cosmetic) and you're not showing it off (streaming/posing youtube vids) you should be okay... they're not exactly hunting to ban people, but I also know that they have gone after some streamers in the past, and certainly after people making the mods.

  44. Looking to do Disney with a sizable group early Nov; we went last year around the same time but I want to ask how Genie changes things; is it harder now to score Rise of the Resistance spots (without paying the extra fee) vs before its implementation? How is Oga's cantina as far as same-day reservations go (at least on the app it looks like there's no openings now, and I'm still a week or two out from a final head count >_<)?

  45. My boyfriend and I had a trip planned for November and had already bought our tickets, however he just got a job offer for Disney so now we have the park main entrance passes therefore we no longer need these tickets. We’re also pushing back our trip to February so we can reserve the parks in time before they fill up. What are the chances that we can get our one day one park tickets either refunded or have the funds refunded onto a Disney gift card if we go to guest relations in the park? We’re in Orlando and from past experience guest relations Inside the parks has been more helpful than those we call through customer service. Hoping the guest relations on Disneyland property are more lenient than those over the phone as well.

  46. I had a family emergency and had to leave the country. It took some calls, but they ended up refunding the tickets.

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