1. Probably not. Seems to be more of a problem when folks haven't taken it for a few weeks or longer, if it's going to be a problem in the first place.

  2. Thanks for chiming in! I’ve been sick and alcohol just isn’t in the cards for me right now. I want to focus on getting better and I know alcohol won’t help me do that.

  3. I use thé app ‘I am Sober’, while it does have that goal of getting sober - I use it to track what you’re looking for (track when I do/don’t)! if you plug in when you use/don’t use and go to the calendar you’ll be able to see your streaks of sobriety…I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but I hope this helps!!!!

  4. Why would you take 3 droppers full? CBD in high dosages can interact with the same receptors as caffeine and be really stimulating and agitating

  5. It's dose dependant. You probably would have had better success with 1 dropper. It also works better with THC. I do high CBD in the morning to get me going, but like anything with more THC than a 5:1 ratio, so like 2:1 or 1:1 will be really relaxing and better for sleep and pain relief

  6. Yes for a while until I got hooked on too much weed. Now I’m cutting back on that too. it’s much easier in my opinion to cut back on weed than alcohol and I feel weed is healthier than booze. That’s not to say there are no negatives to weed. I got to the point that my usage was effecting my memory and work performance. I knew then it was time to cut way back.

  7. When you teaka break, and then start to smoke once or twice a week... does the foggyness come back after you smoke?

  8. You really shouldn't get a hangover or even a nal over from 2 glasses of wine as far as I know are you sure it's not something else like lack of sleep or something?

  9. No I’m sure. I slept incredibly well last night and got something like 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Lol

  10. Just my POV, but it doesn't sound like NAL or TSM would be worth it for your current situation. It's meant for people who struggle with AUD. If it's the flavor you're craving, just substitute in a better tasting non-alcoholic drink. If the most you've ever drank in a week was MAYBE 22 drinks, I think you're doing alright and can probably curb it with some mindfulness.

  11. Why would you be considering a drug that curbs cravings and helps reduce abusive consumption if you don't feel you you have any problem?

  12. I don’t see anywhere in my OP where it said I didn’t have a problem. I’ve posted here before about my challenges. I mean, I said right in the post I have instances where I start drinking and don’t stop.

  13. I want to drink and enjoy. I just don’t want to drink as much.

  14. If you want to carry on drinking and enjoying in moderation why not just take 25mg of Nal. The 50mg I take (not always) cuts off any pleasure from drinking but that’s the way I want it because I’m a hard core alcoholic.

  15. Yeah I’m thinking maybe that is my route for this. I don’t want to get over confident though so I may see how the 50 mg works for me and decide to titrate down in a month or so.

  16. I'd only take nal if drinking alcoholic drinks. I love af/na/near beer! I drink it most days as a default beverage. Most are labeled 0.5 afaik. Whatever trace of alcohol is in there i don't give it a second thought. Athletic Brewing and Brewdog make my favs so far.

  17. I usually drink wine and liquor and it’s because I have the habit of wanting to be drunk. I was hoping that Nal would take that want away. I haven’t found a good app to track. Does anyone have recommendations of an app they like ?

  18. I like cutdown coach. It doesn’t track taking Nal or anything but it tracks your drinks and allows you to set goals.

  19. Yeah, this sounds like a Nalover. How much did you drink and what were you drinking?

  20. Six weeks here. Had my first serious Nalover this week. Pretty bad one too, and I only had four IPAs (which used to be no big deal for me).

  21. Thanks! Sorry for the bad Nal over but glad it’s working for you!

  22. Yep, worked for me. I drank about the same as you. At 9 weeks I drink less than 7 drinks a week.wit two AF days.

  23. That’s where I want to be drink count wise. At least half of where I’m at now.

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