1. First off, at what point was it not implied that this was about writing? It’s almost as if the mere mention of it, or questioning it whatsoever is what the issue is. You can’t expect to have a “civil discussion” when your reactions to fairly neutral or genuinely confused questions are so immediately virulent and defensive.

  2. At no point was it implied this was about the writing, and the original post was not offering a neutral opinion. In a conversation that is ostensibly about writing, word choice matters; calling someone who is trans or gnc “crazy” is a loaded action, and doing it as much as OP did - where the focus of the attack was the character’s identity, not the way the devs handled that identity - is only further focusing on ways the character as a (fictional) person is wrong.

  3. That’s the entire point, though. The character is fictional. Wekatta is not a real person. Wekatta is a creation by a writer. This isn’t an attack on a person, it’s a critique on why a character was created and implemented in the way that they were.

  4. Yes, but fictional characters stand in for real people. We turn to fiction because it gives us a way to investigate the world and understand our humanity. People experience fictional stories as if they are actually happening on a physiological level, and then they engage in debates about who those characters are - as if they are real people. So to say she’s crazy is not to say that she’s written poorly, it’s to say she’s crazy.

  5. I need more, but climbing would be a good place to start.

  6. You’ve probably hit the difficulty spike. For the next few hours, the game will be frustratingly hard, and then you will quickly become overpowered and then it will be easier than ZD the rest of the way.

  7. There’s a similar choice in Forbidden west and imma be real, I chose to kill cause you get a better reward lmao

  8. I chose spare, and then was really bummed that I lost out on a good reward.

  9. Dude, you aren’t allowed to criticize the game on this sub, Faro said so.

  10. Meh, you may be right, but to each their own. Personally, Willow Pill is my favourite queen to ever be on drag race. Now, I'm a person with a disability, so I'm definitely biased towards her story, and I also am an artist that performs a lot of material combining memes, suicide/death, and comedy, so maybe I just am attached to her out of kinship.

  11. It kind of is... It is no one thing but sewing is part of it.

  12. Symone consistently brings sickening looks that celebrate all aspects of Black culture, constantly challenging the status quo of drag, and serving a unique blend of attitude, talent, and humor on her runway and in her music videos.

  13. The trolls are getting obnoxious. I find myself quitting Survival every few days now because someone is just running around playing the fool.

  14. You're right, that is an unpopular opinion.

  15. Not really. This sub is full of people who find the second game underwhelming and get downvoted and insulted when they post that.

  16. "full of people" as in "me and 5 other guys" ?

  17. Full of people as in many, many, many posts from more than just six people. Sure, I am one of them, but I am far from alone.

  18. Even more bland, uninspired and downright repetitive then survey drones, tallnecks or rebel outposts?

  19. But you should want to do them and enjoy them, because side content is part of the game.

  20. I thought they were fun, other than the one in San Fransisco, which I hate. I never have found the "right" way to get to that office you need to be in on the top floor to get the other half of that code. I always end up just going outside and blindly jumping around in all those vines until I can get a fix on the data entry with the focus.

  21. That one was awful. There’s a lot of nonsense involving the elevators, and swimming, and what not. I’m pretty sure I managed to complete the first step by forcing my way through a path that I wasn’t supposed to take.

  22. Sometimes I purify gear in a matchmaking group as my good deed for the day. That way at least someone can get +25% rewards rather than it just going to waste.

  23. If I need to purify gear by killing enemies on fire, I’ll generally opt for Gold Survival because there’s a high likelihood that someone else will set enemies on fire, so I don’t have to deal with burning myself. But I’ll finish the match, and even with low Ki cursed gear, my overall Ki will still be above 100.

  24. I prefer the density in ZD. There’s time where the game feels very empty, like they made the map bigger but didn’t add more machines. So it’s just… space.

  25. The part that makes it really bad is that while hints abound for the blindingly obvious parts, for some of the genuinely more confounding puzzles, there's no hints to be had. One of ruin puzzles in the late game had me scratching my head for half an hour til I figured out a specific trick with the pullcaster. Where were your hints on THAT one Aloy?

  26. I had this the first time I encountered a tree that needed to be knocked over, which was a new mechanic that hadn’t been introduced properly. All Aloy would say was to use her focus, but I had no idea what to use it on, and sort of went in circles for ten minutes before I figured it out. But other puzzles that are easy to solve, she gives a step by step tutorial within the first five seconds.

  27. I kind of admire the way that it completely warps any sense or perspective of anatomical reality. The right leg is seen from behind and yet it also turned towards you. The corset on her lower back is directly below her boobs. The choker is seen in profile but the head is looking at us. This is some Picasso level cubism.

  28. In the game, there are a lot of things going on that are clearly in order to streamline gameplay. The very fast day/night cycles, the city that can only hold a couple hundred people, the fact that an area meant to cover hundreds of kilometres is under 15km wide.

  29. I don't think of it that way, though. What I'm finding so interesting in this discussion is the way that some people need to reconcile this fictional world with the real world, in order to have a satisfying headcanon. It's something that's never even occurred to me until now.

  30. The in game world is an artistic representation of the world she lives in and not to be taken at face value.

  31. Do you mean that in the sense that every artistic creation is a shadow of the thing that the artists envisioned, or do you mean that there is an actual world with an actual Aloy, and the game is trying to recreate that for the gamer?

  32. No, but they should do a remaster where all of the characters look vaguely like the film actors.

  33. Every time you meet a new vendor, they have a free sample pack for you. Take it.

  34. You're obviously are passionate bout your Away from the action stealing kills Hunter... Let's agree to disagree

  35. You obviously are passionate about your prejudice, I can agree to that.

  36. We're Talking bout hunters... And a lot easier to revive someone when you're there instead of camping away from the action

  37. OP literally writes that they were defending one point with someone else, who they revived, so clearly they weren’t just camping out far from the action. You’re being prejudiced against an entire class of people based on imagined stereotypes, that is not cool.

  38. Wait, they made the tower harder? Does that happen at the higher levels, or from the very start? I still haven’t made it to the end of the third phase, and now I’m thinking I never will…

  39. Glad this works for you, but genuine question: if your goal is to be a melee killer, why not run Samurai?

  40. Yeah some of them are really helpful but the specificity is annoying AF. Draw speed and Knockdown Strength (the ability to cause knockdown, not the damage against already knocked enemies) are crazy useful on a lot of weapons, and the additional element and damage boosts are nice but they are a bit too complicated.

  41. This is why I didn’t get most of the legendary outfits.

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