1. Hi! Skating is a sport after my own heart but my heart is in a hilly town. I've looked around a little and most of the retractable/clip-on-able skates discussed here (flaneurz, rollerkicks, the other usual suspects) are apparently expensive low quality unless you switch out some stuff (and even then...) so not for me probably.

  2. That isn't a good plan. Lower quality gear is more likely to catastrophically fail. Your current plan is to buy less durable gear to go downhill, when the consequences of said failure will be much higher. Just get regular skates and carry some flip flops with you or something. It'll be more cost effective and you'll be less likely to just eat shit and die.

  3. Regular skates I've tried, they take way too much time and are very impractical. If there's no good option that's both safe and easy to switch, I'll stay in normal shoes for now.

  4. Well, why do you feel there's no point to it? It's tough to see something you put effort in go unappreciated, but from the other side of the situation, it's a little awkward to tell someone "hey i thought you'd be a horrible asshole like everyone else but actually you're a chill guy". Challenging patriachal normativity is an accumulation of little things, and it's a difficult thing to compliment meaningfully, but that doesn't necessarily mean people around you don't notice and appreciate it. You can try bringing it up with people around you, that way if they've noticed they'll have an occasion to acknowledge it naturally, and if they haven't now they know about it! Depends how close you are with each person, it might be opening up about your efforts feeling like they're pointless, or it might be just mentioning you're doing that while talking about sexism and patriarchy and stuff. But either way, it's completely normal to feel defeated when people don't acknowledge what you do. Just don't hesitate to bring it up with people you feel are safe for that. It's really cool that you're doing that, and you sound like a good person to be around, so I hope your close ones appreciate that to its real value. Good luck!

  5. It's not so much that I'm not being appreciated, it's more that every single day I see more horrible examples of masculinity, men doing awful things to other people just because they feel they have to prove themselves, or because their masculinity has been threatened. I can't compete against that.

  6. The thing is, you don't have to compete against that. Genders are not monoliths, and though there's statistical trends they're not inherent facts of that gender. There's women every day doing awful things because of patriarchy too. The system sucks, and it sucks to remember that, but we're all doing your part and it's slowly improving. You're not responsible for other people's bad behavior just because you're the same gender as them, people are people first and men, women, or nonbinary second. You being a chill guy makes it one more chill guy in the world than otherwise. Maybe more if some people around you were inspired by you. That's pretty good. Nobody changes the world alone.

  7. Serious Gideon Nav vibes here, which is saying something since no ginger hair nor sword in sight.

  8. Cut into seprate flowers and boiled, served with mashed potatoes! It was heavy on the stomach and I got scared, but I kept it all down so, all in all, pretty successful.

  9. Hell yeah! That's awesome to hear! Self regulation can be hard but keep up the good work!!!

  10. Thank you! I'm trying to not let the weird fucked up hunger signals or lack thereof get the best of me!

  11. Further posting of nsfw content may result int a ban

  12. Didn't know it was nsfw, sorry! Could be useful to include a list of what is nsfw in the rules of the sub though, I thought it was safe since they were clothed.

  13. It’s ok. I got the impression you posted it with the nsfw tag (meaning you deliberately ignored our system) but sounding more like another mod marked it nsfw but didn’t say anything. I personally think it’s fine either way but apparently another mod doesn’t and I can respect that as well. But yeah maybe stick to fully clothed women ha

  14. this is... questionable. It's true that the answer to "why is this weird thing happening on the internet" is frequently "search engine optimization", but the particular attack this post describes is one that abuses PageRank, a very old Google algorithm that isn't their primary mechanism anymore. PageRank was developed when the internet was mostly navigated through links, and actually became less effective as a byproduct of Google's success: it became easier to find websites through Google than through links, so people didn't use links as often.

  15. The original post is from 2016 though, so while we have to be critical of the reposting we should also keep that in mind judging if the op was wrong then or if the info is just not accurate anymore in our time. Not fact checking myself because I know I wouldn't understand what I'd read, just putting that out there.

  16. Yes, using links for SEO purposes was probably not used since mid-2000s, so outdated by '16

  17. Take this with a grain of salt but after searching a little and coming up with nothing (to be fair it's difficult to use search engines with words that simple, but looking for general grammar rules hasn't helped either), I think it might just be a pronunciation convention?

  18. If you're prone to being oppressed by the majority and willing to stand in solidarity with your fellow queer people, you belong.

  19. why do you constantly keep trying to make an argument about trans men about non binary people?

  20. Because it's an argument about gender and the right of self-identification. Exorsexist logic is harmful to binary trans people too.

  21. Maybe a knockoff Monk or Blade Dancer deck? Dps of choice + Portal Keeper + Dryad + Mime + Grindstone if BD. For Monk or if you feel like gambling and removing the grindstone with BD, mana generation like vampire can be useful, or a secondary damage dealer/effect card (Corsair, Clock, Ivy, whatever).

  22. It's awesome, I especially love the inclusion of the pants, they create a very cool effect

  23. Monk is pretty efficient I would say. As long as a I get good enough spawning luck, I can have a respectable run against BD and win some of those games. I play it with dryad, portal keeper, harlequin, and scrapper, but you can adjust the build depending on the cards you have. Scrapper in particular is very replacable, you can pick trapper or another special effect unit instead. Don't have much experience with removing the others but I've seen people make the deck work without portal keeper (with harlequin), and without dryad is possible too I suppose, just harder.

  24. I use sword instead of scrapper(for one I don’t have him lol) but do still win against most bd decks and can get up to around 6200 trophy’s in pvp at 1500 crit.

  25. Scrapper helps when your board gets full and you want to avoid portal keepers and the unit that would be there instead of scrapper clogging it up at unmergeable ranks, but even though that's a frustrating situation it's not necessary. I was too lazy to pay attention to stats, but I've tried Trapper instead, Chemist, Sword, Ivy, Reaper, etc etc and it all worked pretty well. The only thing I guess I would advise against is mana generation, unless you have super high lvl talents which I didn't have the chance to try out. They just take too much place on the board if you want any return on your investment.

  26. I'd love a cover of Rattlesnake Shake, as a companion piece to Kiss of the Cobra King. Or something completely out of the left field genre-wise, like a classic pop song with a little werewolf twist on the lyrics.

  27. A cage. With bars. With space between the bars. Underground. Buried into a material soft enough that I could get through it with my bare hands and whatever I might have on me on a casual walk throuhg the woods. And the thing inside it is still alive. I've never heard something that sounds so much like a supernatural trap in my entire life.

  28. I can try explaining the joke if you tell me what you don't get?

  29. Start talking like scooby doo? It's a franchise that's popular on tumblr, so a fairly relevant topic. It's absurdist humor, the joke is supposed to come from the complete disconnect between the meaning of the sentence and the way it's delivered. The last two sentences are contextualizing the switch.

  30. It is. I feel like I'm racing against the clock every day. The trick is to not look ahead of you, but behind you, and be amazed at how far you've come. It helps.

  31. I had around three years of depression more or less, and have been in the process of recovering from that part of my life since. I guess in my case it was caused by trauma, but not everyone's is. There's genetic reasons, rough patches and stuff that aren't necessarily trauma that can cause depression.

  32. Some do and some don't. Euphoria or dysphoria aren't required to be trans, and usually that's the grey area where two people can experience the exact same thing internally but make different decisions about it and end up identifying as different genders.

  33. Just my two cents but you could try letting your sideburns grow thicker? I think that would suit you. If that's your style, maybe earrings or ears piercings too? I don't know if that falls under cosmetic procedures, but there's lots of cool clip-ons available these days.

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