1. You should definitely check out Sos the Rope by Piers Anthony, which is also sold as Battle Circle.

  2. Given Anthony's avowed and quite public pedophilia, I have a lot of trouble with recommending any of his writing.

  3. I absolutely love that she's getting so much more recognition these days. She was a quiet brilliance back when she was published, but her works have stood the test of time and are more popular in the wide world now than when she was alive, which I think is a testament to her writing.

  4. I would have been so petty. "Oh my goodness it's so good to hear from you! I learned so much from our relationship. Mostly to never ever ever waste so much time on someone who isn't willing to put in basic effort. It's so lovely you've grown as a person too!"

  5. I've been using Kaspersky for years now and they remain the best AV I've ever had. Norton is worthless! I've giving it multiple chances between 2008 and 2017. MalwareBytes Premium is the second best malware protection I've ever had. Kaspersky and Bitdefender are marked as the best AV at this moment. I have experience with Kaspersky and the Dutch government also has been using Kaspersky due to it's performance in quality. However some people buycot it for political reasons, but that doesn't change the fact that Kaspersky was and still remains the best there is on the market. Research yourself if you don't believe!

  6. The problem is that political reasons matter when the product is literally owned by a political organization. TikTok is a brilliant content sharing platform but that's not the point of avoiding it - the fact that it also deploys a keylogging rootkit on your machine is the problem. Kaspersky is a fantastic antivirus, failure to perform its job isn't even remotely why you should avoid it. The Russian government will obviously provide fantastic service to folks looking for a free AV product, as long as they get some benefit from it.

  7. Bro literally said ditch Kaspersky cause it’s in Russia lmao. Working with hackers group is an easy way to find breaches and a an easier way to fix or to patch those. “Oh but America don’t like it”. Ok bud.

  8. Sure thing Russian bro. Sorry about your war thing, we know it wasn't your idea. Glad you're safe and won't be conscripted for the meat grinder because you have useful computer skills.

  9. Yeah, this one isn't it. The whole reason for our more updated progressive flag is to ensure black and brown and trans folks are explicitly included since we tend to get overlooked by white queers and routinely get left out of the conversation of queer issues in general.

  10. That's why the tree is there, brown and black are solidly included. I figured the trunk of the tree representing the black and brown trans women who initiated the pride movement was core and right up front with this.

  11. Hey! Now don’t go knocking OJ! He said he will not rest until he found the real killers! I am sure he is out there right now driving the mean streets of LA looking for him

  12. Honestly you're braver than I ever was. Those roads are an absolute nope from me for biking.

  13. 'Stupider' is the better term. I averaged 20MPH, even with some quick blasty bits, because I had to keep slowing down to weave carefully around sheep.

  14. Great photo ops do not make great workouts, but they do make great memories

  15. Depends entirely on the agency in question. All of them have no sense of humor about their responsibilities, all of them have STRICT standards and an actual budget for security, all of them have the same basic structure and follow the same basic guidelines... but your experience working for the DoD will be vastly different from your experience working for National Parks or something. DoD doesn't play, they have some serious processes and procedures, they have specialties all in depth and shit. Other agencies with less funding, you might be doing 3 jobs.

  16. Looks like domestic dog, fed bottom-of-the-bin kibble.

  17. I've seen loads of domestic dog cheap food poop just like this but without the seeds. But I'm going with the above raccoon vote, because I've also seen raccoon poop in fruit season take on the color of the local fruit when they OD on the stuff.

  18. "The 1SGT would like you to break out the lawnmower, and no, we don't have PPE what you think we're the Air Force? And yes it's 110 in the shade but if you miss a single blade of grass 1SG will have you out here with nailclippers and a ruler."

  19. thank you for this brand new term i am going to steal and use frequently

  20. I think it's a bit much to expect perfect behavior from women just because we're women. We're often just as shit as men. It's a bit of a stereotype to think women somehow have a sisterhood or something; the only time that applies is the "can I have a tampon" question. You might want to flay someone alive, you might feel entitled to forms of pack behaviour that are completely awful, but you'll still give them a tampon if they need it. But that doesn't mean you're intrinsically good. Women still do awful, awful things, often to anyone they think is in their power.

  21. If you like them they're not weeds! If you don't like them, they might be weeds. I once had a rosebush sprout up in the middle of a lawn. It was a weed. But there are entire gardens of milkweed plants up in my neighborhood which are being grown on purpose, so those are not weeds. "Weed" is a generic term for any plant growing where you don't really want it.

  22. Thanks for explaining to me what a “weed” is and not downvoting me.

  23. You got the serious downvote hammer for a *really* common misunderstanding. We never know what we don't know until we ask.

  24. Jeez. My parents started dating when my mom was in college, and they have a ten year age gap. My dad is a shy, socially awkward guy. But whenever they talk about the age gap and how young my mom was, my mom always pipes up that she was "very mature for her age." Now I'm wondering where she got that notion from...

  25. Some guys who are socially awkward really do want a long term relationship, but really aren't able to form that with women their own age. It's not necessarily a deal breaker if both parties are legal and have the same goals, but it definitely is a thing which should cause some pause for reassessment and scrutiny, possibly an outside evaluation because it's difficult to see problems from the inside.

  26. Metal cookware: clean all debris off manually, then rinse with clean water and hold over the fire.

  27. Just got back from a 2 nighter at Lillian lake. This is the morning after an all night rain.

  28. Ok so talk to me about hiking in Canada, because I'm pretty sure Canada is quite a bit wilder than the US these days. Do you see other people on hikes?

  29. The colour green kind of isn't a thing. The shorter wavelengths are more like long wave blue, and the longer wavelengths fit far better with yellow

  30. I dry the outside with my towel but the inner bits? Why bother? I just throw on cotton underwear and my pants, that stuff dries off quick enough I don't worry. And if it's too humid to dry off by itself nothing I do with a towel or tissues is gonna help the matter because I'll just sweat again.

  31. Our boy became slightly more insecure; more likely to start sh*t with other dogs, especially other male dogs bigger than him (which is a LOT of dogs.) However, he doesn't hump anything.

  32. I am cracking up laughing at this throwing shade on Maas. Everyone loves those books and I think they're just blah.

  33. Being a man means whatever the flip you want it to mean. Be an honest human being and deal with other people with compassion and integrity, use any strength you have to protect and care for and nurture others, choose to work on your health your whole life long . Any behavior or characteristic of any real meaning which is good for one gender/sex is good for the other. The rest? Your appearance? It's all your choice and you can do whatever you want with it.

  34. I read up on the subredddit for aphantasia and people were talking about conceptualizing things rather than visualizing. I think you're just conceptualizing things rather than visualizing it. I feel the exact same way. I can't for the life of me visualize anything, but I can think of a scenario and think of a likely outcome based on context. Other than that, pitch black as well.

  35. Can you imagine the color white? Nothing else, just, if you close your eyes, do you have any concept of the color white?

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