1. So glad to hear these great comments about Lighthouse. My local fave dispo just announced they are carrying them, & the prices are great(compared to similar products in the program). I’m def gonna grab up the H.O.W. crumble tomorrow. The .83 crumble is $48 and I’ll stack my vets discount(20%, with the Saturday 20% on processed products) & the daily discount, so that will really make the price nice. Has anyone tried the migraine spray? It was only on the menu for a day.

  2. I thought rosin was supposed to be room temperature & other concentrates should be refrigerated?? I use a little $30 fridge from Walmart, it’s also a good place to put all the shwag stickers.

  3. Sure beats the idiots that stack ‘em up and break their necks trying to climb them.

  4. Any but you will have to resubmit your qualifying medical condition paperwork again if you go with another company.

  5. That wasn’t my experience. I switched because my original Doc had to shutdown his MMJ clinic when Covid hit. I switched to Ohio Green Releaf.(they are so helpful, btw.) I was specifically told(& experienced) that once you’re in the “system”, they can just transfer your medical records.

  6. I was disappointed in the last batch. After their claims that it was “original cut”(DeathStar is a “clone-only”), I was so looking forward to it. If anyone has ever had true DS, you can smell the gas a block away. I hate to admit this but the best DS I’ve had in years was actually from GooeyMan in MI. Of course, I’ll give Galenas a few more harvests to get it right, especially the cure…

  7. It wasnt that potent to me, but Was still well done. There dual og is so strong

  8. No doubt! I got a jar of the Dual OG Artifact & it really hit the spot last night. Great 💤 sleep.

  9. My personal experience with being in several unions in my work life(my grandfather started in the coal mines at 14, died of black lung @ 56, he helped start the UMWA), modern day unions are just someone else with a hand in your pocket, offer very little representation, and protect the fuck-ups. Just my experience. I’m not a worker in the industry.

  10. Robots, Animal Face, Animal Mintz. Go with these 3 from Woodward!! Bet you live em!

  11. Woodward has been putting out some huge buds lately. Always good too.

  12. How is the feel of it? Sticky as fuck or crispy n dry? Thinking of trying some.

  13. Woodward has been in point lately with their cure. The ROBOTS has been crisp on the outside, but still spongy on the inside. Sticky, & SUPER funky on the 👃.

  14. Quick Fix is my “goto”, good advice on getting some extra heat pads, but I’ve also used my cars defroster. It works quickly. Quick Fix also comes with a temperature strip on the little squeeze bottle. Good luck on the job front, & I’m sending some positive energy too. Take care of yourself.

  15. If you take it to the box, then by god spend the money on your own lawyer. If you can’t afford an attorney DON’T goto a jury trial. Odds r that of those 12 jurors, 11 r blind fools who believe whatever the prosecutor says.

  16. I wouldn’t buy that BR toilet water if it was 700%!, I’m always amazed at how hard of a time people struggle to recognize blatant sarcasm on the web.

  17. I agree I want my cheese strains in general

  18. Check out Woodward’s ROBOTS!!(@swampboys), super cheesy funk! Same with Galena’s Lilac Diesel, if they ever put out again.

  19. What research? It’s an old wives tale that has NO truth to it.

  20. Friend of a friend. I call BS! It’s always a buddies cousin.. you don’t know anyone whose cat smothered their kid. Stop lying to try to insert yourself into some BS urban legend.

  21. Looks like that dude that’s in every dive bar, standing just outside the men’s room

  22. Arnie Palmer got me hooked on trying more sativa's! Loved it!

  23. This is something I'd actually be able to help out a lot on! I searched for the exact same thing. I wanted it to be as authentic as possible, which meant not even going to a retreat center. I wanted to find the local community shaman that helped heal other indigenous people in their village.

  24. What makes no sense is why you would attempt to assign “sense”, to what is obviously, just a nonsensical, but mildy funny statement. Besides, of course you just have to fucking hit them hard enough!! Silly

  25. He was a union organizer who suddenly vanished after striking a massive blow to corrupt capitalist power structures. He was murdered, sure, but not by the mob. He was murdered by capitalism, because he was fighting against the most corrupt system in human history

  26. He wasn’t a union organizer, he was head of the Teamsters, at the time the most powerful union in the country. His Mafia ties were because he controlled the 10’s of millions in their pension fund, & he was giving loans out of it to the Mob.

  27. I 2nd the NOPE. A little birdie told me they have a new strain dropping imminently. I believe it’s only going to be at 1 dispensary “chain” for sure the 1st “drop”, I’m not sure after that.

  28. Sorry, yes, compared to the carts. I guess I am just lost in the difference between all the different types of oil.

  29. Here’s what you do(imo) if you’re cart only. Get with the luster pods!! It’s just a different (imo way better) “system” to vape oil. The pods hit better and if handled properly (store upright, don’t hit like it’s a pool ball, you’re trying to suck through a straw),they r more reliable. Plus, there are now many companies in Ohio that offer the “pods” for the luster batteries. It’s hard to go wrong with grow Ohio oil, and now that there is live resin from them and Klutch (I’ve had the O43, I’m not a Klutch fan but it was amazingly 👅) I may never buy a non- luster, non-LR again in my life.

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