1. And a modern SUV is just a less roomy, more energy intensive, but hipper-looking minivan.

  2. They knew that more lanes would generate traffic since before two (or three!) of my grandparents were born i.e. the 1930s and the 1940s and they were suggesting transit solutions since around that time to relieve congestion only to be ignored.

  3. Transit causes the same effect on roads and dose not reduce congestion as well on road tolls are effective on congested highway.

  4. I get that with the new bill those raises may be needed for the ciTy but with so many people struggling the mayor may be the highest paid in the entire country should take a pay cut to bring him to at least the gta average.

  5. Look I am skeptical about these new guidelines his entires article’s strongest point is citing another article written in the Globe and Mail by an expert named Don Malleck who wrote a thoughtful piece about this topic . What I want to know is why on earth anyone bothered writing this one when it’s basically just a reworded somewhat more political reference to an expert lead article in an another news paper.

  6. In the US direct rail is only 37% more carbon efficient than direct flights. So it seems reasonable that electric planes could actually be more efficient carbon wise than some trains, especially given that the carbon used to make the battery would be amortized over multiple trips a day. There are three notes that need to be added this statement, the first is that environmental advocates like rail because it exists today not years from now. Number two flying right now is way worse than that 37% figure would suggest because of contrails which are clouds that traditional planes make, when they fly and trap in heat into the atmosphere and significantly increase climate change this would not be a concern on battery powered planes and that number is only relevant to comparing fuel burn and emissions. Finally that 37% number just used average and as rail electrification, counties that number may change .

  7. that's also 37% comparing a trip from Los Angeles to Philadelphia

  8. Yes good catch I should’ve added that in my statement. This was the best us data I could find in the EU were rails are electric it’s significantly different in favour of rails but I am guessing this ad was U.S. based.

  9. The crime of attempted murder is not treated with the death penalty in any U.S. state while murder is Being a minor is not a defence for crime but it is for not invoking the death penalty most states and the fear have recognized this and set a minimum age of 18 for the death penalty But yes please lets celebrate murdur and possibly a extrajudicial killing. I made it very clear that what he did was unequivocally wrong and the sentence should have been orders of magnitude harsher but the celebration of death in a case like this is beyond extreme.

  10. Tim Hudak? The same guy who was leader of the Ontario PCs in the late 2000's?

  11. As a European liberal it bugs me that my peers like the ECJ and ECHR. Like sure, I like the effect of most of their rulings but I am worried about their power.

  12. Same as a Canadian I really like most their Supreme Court rulings as polices but they feel out of step of limits of what a court should be.

  13. Their are only 13 cards of that set that have a psa grade and the card itself has population number of four. So it’s likely you won’t find any cards that super close to it. Graded Tim horton cards very wildy in price depending on the day looking at eBay I have seen the same card with the same grade will go for 5x the price just 3 days a par. My advice if your going to sell it put it auction with a high base.

  14. Those are just investigated crashes that’s likely sampling bias. As they are only going to look at the most serious crashes as those are the ones the government most wants to avoid,

  15. The economist is not typically referred to as right leaning by most ( rather as centrist, classical liberal or some times slight centre left). However I will say ideas such as deregulating zoning and not using tax dollars to fund high priced car infrastructure can be right wing ideas. I know in Canada many of those who have pushed for such actions have come more from the conservative tradition . For example Toronto's centre right mayor John Tory has been aggressive in his push to deregulate zoning and his attempts to put in toll roads instead of raising taxes.

  16. Tesla is still the biggest auto maker on earth by market cap and it’s not even really close being valued at over 300 billion USD compared to the next closet Toyota at 200 billion USD. While it has lost a lot of value being down a whopping 70% given that companies like Ford are worth just (~44 billion) I doubt it’s In to bad shape from a economic perspective.

  17. I will never for the life of me understand Left-Nimbys.

  18. I agree but I also don’t understand the right-NIMBYs who don’t believe in property rights. Come to think of it I just don’t understand NIMBYs of all political stripes.

  19. This man is responsible for preventing dairy imports from the United States. He's a trade war criminal.

  20. To be fair all the other parties fully supported this dumb view so u can’t fully blame him

  21. Ehh, they do some stupid things, but it's still been quite a successful country under Justin Trudeau.

  22. People literally learn the term "induced demand" and stop thinking immediately after.

  23. They also forgot the concept also applies to public transit as well in many cases as a diversion of drivers to public transit moves other people to driving more as traffic improved till it hits its prior equilibrium.

  24. They are unironically saying in the crypto subreddits

  25. Crypto is a dumb idea but they are probably right in asserting that getting rid of the worst actors probably is the only way to make this thing even look viable.

  26. Both the Fords are massive carbrains. I still remember his brother being an absolute dunce at a town hall about LRT.

  27. Rob Ford hated LRT but loved transit he just felt LRTs are substandard. His transit spending plans was actually than anyone else it was just all subways it wasn’t a good plan because subways cost a lot per mile so the network would still be to small but t wasn’t cars that made him anti LRT.

  28. sure, but now the cars just can't go fast in the EU

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