1. IK I have vertical for sure. However, I'm conflicted on whether I have upper body curve or width. I look good in flowy culottes and boxy tops. So, that makes me FN. On the other hand, draped silhouettes suit me well. That leads to the opinion that I'm SD. I've not been able to decide on any of these IDs.

  2. Hi all! Kibbe newbie here and I was hoping to get some help with my type. I know I have lots of flesh in my lower half, and tend to gain in the stomach and legs before anything else. I recently have gained in these areas and so I do not feel like I have as an observable shapely waist, but let me know what you see. I am 5' 4". I apologize for not providing more pictures with better contrast with the background! or with different clothing styles as I am still discovering that and pretty much live in scrubs day to day haha

  3. Initially, I was leaning towards SD and SC… Now, I feel like I’m prolly SD, DC or FN

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