1. Jesuits are members of the clerical Catholic Society of Jesus. It’s a Roman Catholic religious order.

  2. When I was a kid, I convinced my brother that I could communicate with crows. Also that I was a witch

  3. It's their job to detain, not execute, it doesn't matter what he did

  4. And when you got body armor, pepper spray, tasers, handcuffs, and legs against a guy without any of those things and you can’t figure out how to safely arrest them (ya’ know, one of the main tasks of your fucking job) then I don’t really know what to say.

  5. When I asked my rheumatologist about that study, she said she wasn't convinced that it wasn't taken from an older, ailing population already prone to dementia.

  6. Also, isn’t nicotine an anticholingeric and it’s use is inversely related to Alzheimer’s and dementia?

  7. AFAIK it's the opposite and agonizes nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

  8. Shit, you’re right. I must’ve misread that a long time ago because I was sure it was an antagonist for years haha, thanks!

  9. And for these idiots who have their faces on camera when they're caught and charged.

  10. In my experience, you teach him how to build -inators.

  11. I'd say it's a tie between Snoop Dogg and Willy Nelson.

  12. 12/13 depending on how you count French Guiana. But if you’re asking an easily googleable question as a ‘gotcha!’ online you’re gonna have a bad time.

  13. Idk if ‘herb’ is an actual herb but it sure has a wide range of things that it treats.

  14. some kinda artist/actress/musician but that’s probably not gonna happen

  15. There are no blasphemy laws in Turkey. You can report anyone for causing emotional damage through insulting your faith. That's what Erdogan's prosecutors do all the time.

  16. Probably Florida, which is a shame cuz the keys and Everglades are incredible.

  17. They were handy in a pinch but I think we should generally avoid disposable things when reusable options are readily available.

  18. I'm sorry? It costs half a grand to fly 300 miles.

  19. Always lied to family since 2021. Telling them the truth does not benefit me

  20. People don’t always deserve to know the truth! Especially for personal shit, idk your situation but you’re not necessarily doing anything bad.

  21. Eh I've hid a name change, three separate jobs, an upcoming major purchase (?), and an online store project from them for two years

  22. Pffft, that’s nothing! A lot of it even sounds positive! You don’t owe anyone, even your family, intimate/personal information that really isn’t any of their business. Try not to be down on yourself for it, you’re good girl!

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