1. Cubs 1st baseman Mark Grace smoked a pack a day for years, sometimes even in the club house

  2. He's testing their faith. How else would he know how many people support him?

  3. I used to get their 9” plastic wrap for the house. It would last years.

  4. Plastic definitely. It's a bit tough to find restaurant quality plastic wrap from other suppliers. Nothing else compares.

  5. I've listened to both KF and GAM for a long time and in the early days never did I think the two would meet.

  6. they open an EP with Harrison Smith talking about them, I think it was an April 2021 ep but don't quote me

  7. Sort of surprised to see Jamila's name so low in the list. Is she just not featured much in the book compared to the others?

  8. No not necessarily. Ted and Kristen seem to get a tiny bit more to read but overall it's pretty even.

  9. This “Mike” sounds (and looks) a lot like Ken, the unpaid stats intern for a podcast that I listen to. Same high morals too.

  10. It can be kind of tough going at times. You'll love the foreword.

  11. Nice. I'll check them out. Somebody else had told me about them but they were up against Lagwagon and I'd never seen them before.

  12. Why do I feel we were standing next to each other, because I have this same picture I took

  13. The Dollop did an ep about him a few years ago but I'd be super interested to see what Marcus and Henry dig up.

  14. I enjoy his videos. JT does a good job of breaking leftist ideas and concepts in to easily understandable narratives for those not familiar with whatever the chosen topic.

  15. If you like Swaim, you can still watch him on YT in some old Cracked skits. My favorite is After Hours.

  16. You may be correct, and the purpose was perhaps to suggest that ending into nothingness is fine and essentially a part of the journey. It also may be so in which they went off the quote mentioned by Kafka. However Franz Kafka would be fairly odd to base the show off, given he's got quotes such as, “I have spent all my life resisting the desire to end it.” and “A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die.” A unique character lol. Nonetheless, it may be the intended message of the show. "Its all good, my babies".

  17. I just feel like after the 5th serial killer story you realize all of them are kind of the same thing? Like horribly abused child grows up to horribly abuse. Got it. Throw in a splash of mental retardation or a traumatic brain injury and bam that's 99% of serial killers.

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