1. I don't think it's illegal unless you carry it around in public. I own one and I use it at my home.

  2. They’re like £12k, you can get one on finance for about £250 a month

  3. Where I live (Finland), theyre atleast €30k new and atleast €20k used.

  4. I think it's a pretty well made shop.

  5. Didn't know the terrorists were bodybuilders

  6. What is that rev-meter? Many people use it but i dont find it.

  7. Dont know about the price, but damn its beautiful.

  8. Wait, OP, you removed a thing you did to your pedals (that you probably liked) because other people on the Internet didn't like it??

  9. Yeah, people seem to understand it wrong. I meant that someone commented a better idea than mine and i started using it.

  10. You should be driving your sim how you would drive in RL. Do you plan on wearing water shoes when you hit the track?

  11. Probably not, but it will take over 5 years before I can drive a real car😅

  12. ItS a MiNi VeRsIoN oF tHe Rx7

  13. Means there is an OS on the drive that is newer than this machine can run. Wipe the drive and install an OS that is supported.

  14. Well, i will use my miata for both, WHEN I GET ONE

  15. Those wheels are so shiny, SO SHINY!!

  16. It looks like its running away from those other cars, terrified.

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