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  1. Spit fetish romance anime called mysterious girlfriend X

  2. Let’s say hypothetically I- or I mean a uh friend wanted to watch this show……

  3. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you

  4. There are some really good fan AU's on tapas that can give a new angle on the story/characters. But be warned that most of them have ended/been discontinued suddenly so you might end up with the same feeling.

  5. Stuff like claiming they dont have noney to listen to vbalance or skin feedbacks or the clash scandal

  6. To be fair they might not have had the equipment to terminate a new cable properly. Still bad though.

  7. When I play soraka I forget I have an adc and just beat the shit of the other 2 with my q and autos, leaving my adc to do what he wants. Same thing goes with lulu except with slightly less aggression.

  8. The Gigachad enchanter support that gains health from trades

  9. Who's that in the top left? Looks cool.

  10. I don’t care so much about ecosystems (weirdly considering I’m a biologist IRL), but I LOVE creating cultures, history, and important figures.

  11. One of my favourite parts of worldbuilding is doing research on things I know very little about like specific parts of ecosystems, folklore, political systems, or not well known parts of irl history or dnd lore and falling into a rabbit hole of Wikipedia articles and websites. I always end up with more questions to explore later that I love implementing into my world.

  12. I feel this. Worst, the amount of times I hear "well, them just write a book", like, fam I highly dought any one will read "the complet history, societys, biology, geography and astronomical patterns of this non existing place"

  13. Very true. It's also nice to have friends directly interacting with the world and commenting on it versus asking them to read the next draft and not getting to see them experience it with you.

  14. Depends on what you want to use. Do you want tactical, theater of the mind, or close to 2e's version?

  15. We're coming back from a break and I don't want to start the session by slowing things down and explaining a lot of rules. So probably just theatre of mind for now. They currently have a shrikeship and are trying to escape from somewhere. So I want to do a rough ship to ship fight in the air over a city while they occasionally get fired at from below.

  16. I still wonder why the brown pieces are more fragile than the other ones, i saw a video of a man testing different colored LEGO bricks but with the same shape and the brown ones always broke, i'm guessing the color added to the mold makes it weaker or something, but why only the brown pieces?

  17. I believe it's the material that colours the bricks brown that makes the plastic more brittle. Lego have said that they will replace any of these colour bricks and that any bricks made after 2017 with these types of colour should be fine.

  18. WTF, I saw this post as the scene in the last episode was playing! Wild luck

  19. This is why you take ornn and setup shop in lane and perhaps sell your wares to your new friend!

  20. Nobody got shit on Ryze's win rate lol. The rumor has it that if you main Ryze you fall below iron into a hidden tier. A tier where everyone is ryze. And instead of fighting each other you all run around and realm warp to try ro find your way out of the rift.

  21. Our group swaps between 3 DMs each with their own campaign, but when someone won't be about for a week or 2 one of the players pulls out their prepped CoC oneshot. Cause of how fragile CoC characters are it's well suited to oneshots. (My first character got turned into a book) So prep a oneshot and tell your group it's on the table. Good luck and have fun!

  22. I certainly will! I am extremely nervous about planning oneshots, as I always have trouble getting the sweet spot of exactly 1 session of content, and it's doubled for this since nobody including me has played lol

  23. The secret to oneshots is... they don't have to be one session. Just onesho(r)t story! No one minds if it gets split into 2 sessions and it can even help with pacing so you have a proper mystery and build up to your final monster/big bad. Just don't stretch it out too long and you'll be fine. All you really need to focus on is creating an enjoyable experience for you and your players!

  24. Suffering together is far more fun than suffering alone

  25. Hate to break it to you: if you play with idiots (90% of the time) it's like that on every role. Got flamed by my adc as support the other day for fighting alongside my jungler on drake while adc tried to fight 2 people alone under enemy tower with half HP, I felt a new kind of hate I've never felt before and that's why I hate playing with randoms as support.

  26. My 3 friends and I were playing a normals with a rando vayne adc where I was the Renata support. The Vayne starts the match by asking if it's ranked and says that's what they wanted to queue for. The Vayne then died once in lane while overextended when she got 6 spears pulled out of her and finished by the panth sup. She DC's right there and my jungle and I proceed to hard carry the game. Jng going 26/0/8 and me going 2/3/22.

  27. I highly recommend this video by Sebastian Lague that goes into detail about similar things

  28. YES, no clue how more people don't know about it

  29. I'm not too upset at their length since we still have access to all the old spelljammer books.

  30. Check out some of Calamity's fight themes eg,

  31. Reading more books and watching more various media have helped expand my D&D horizons so much. Historical podcasts are also awesome for learning about political squabbles to base a campaign around.

  32. I'm so happy I could contribute to such an amazing work of art!

  33. The date for the mask seems to be set for 4 june not april so its count down isnt working

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