1. For hikes I like a cushion. Day to day, no Cushion. Changes the fit in shoes and sneakers.

  2. I think that entire first paragraph is kind of the issue here. You have something that works for you and determines the value for you. I don’t think anyone here, and I include myself, can tell another person how THEY should value redemptions.

  3. Did it get you the trip you wanted? Then you did good! End of the day that’s all that really matters. I’d say because you found THREE you did an awesome job.

  4. Quite a price hike. Yet to try Ikea smart home tech but had hoped to buy some blinds next year once this new hub launched. If their pricing increases across their range, think i’ll pass and go with Eve or one of the bigger names

  5. Their blinds are the best bargain out there. Serena’s are insane. I have two of them, haha. But will buy Ikea for my non-main windows - a second bedroom. Don’t write them off cause the hub increased in price.

  6. Yeah still plan to give them a go but if they increase their prices that dramatically across the range, i’d rather pay the premium of eve/lutron and get a premium product

  7. Think it’s just for the additional thread and matter support. The blinds shouldn’t change price. I mean end of the day wtf do I know, lol. But don’t see that happening. Still 20 bucks to go before the Lutron hub price I think ha

  8. Yeah have many. Also have starling. Something isn’t right because you asked about Lutron but then expanded to say nothing is basically working, haha. I think there is a bigger network issue. Possibly two SSIDs not plying nice maybe?

  9. Actually I think the No neutral Lutrons are the norm to be honest. All of mine are as such.

  10. I don’t believe you can out of the box. Homeassistant can prob work that out but that’s over my head.

  11. Those are pretty crappy experiences. I will say in my experience the level of service post pandemic is directly related to the level of hotel. The budget brands I’ve stayed in have been spotty. The luxury brands always nice for me. Everyone’s mileage may vary of course and this in no way means the budget options are always bad ( shout out Hampton Inn Dearborn - Michigan Ave, those folks are great to their guests!!). Try any brand (Hilton, Marriott, etc) on the lower tiers in NYC right now - you’d be horrified. I feel it’s mostly that they are all so understaffed that eventually as a worker you are ALWAYS on edge and it’s really hard to care about the little things any more when you in that constant mode.

  12. Transfer to BA. Search and book on BA. Need Saver category tickets to be avail. Don’t transfer til you find options. If AA is not releasing Saver tickets, it won’t work.

  13. I’d drop the 20k battery to a 10k. I think you’ll find you’ll rarely need the battery in general these days but when you do 10k will be plenty. 20 is a chunky fella.

  14. Same. Love the Conrad brand. Maybe one day I’ll move up to WA.

  15. Also good but diff. WA is like old money nice. I like the warm tones and mid century vibe at Conrad’s. They are very nice without feeling stuffy. Good value for money I feel in terms of the level of luxury.

  16. I'm not, any other airlines are fine as long as business class and overlap transfers between Citi and Chase since wife has Chase and I have Citi

  17. Gotcha. Flying Blue as mentioned. Can Chase transfer to BA? You can use Iberia. Also I’d see about using a day pass at If you’re new it can save you a lot of time.

  18. As a heavy traveler, yes it’s worth it for me. Only you know if it’s worth it for you.

  19. Some of those places prob WANT to be on Amex and not the other way around. Fav rates.

  20. Typically I’d say you don’t need it. But for piece of mind stick to soft sleeves. Bellroy makes two nice looking ones. And Matador makes an awesome adventure focused one that I reviewed and really liked. Or you can go with complete no names just to get something that makes you feel better.

  21. Finding your own can be much cheaper, but I tend to be ok with using hotels. Better to high end - never had any issues just don’t give them sensitive or delicate stuff so you don’t open yourself up to issues. I use hotels all the time for under wear, tshirts, cotton button downs, etc. saves time and effort which in my book is also money. I give it to them and head to the museum.

  22. It’s fine as a carry on. They won’t measure bags they make you fit them into those boxes. You should be able to squish it in.

  23. I get it that you’re frustrated with them. But don’t get caught up in their name. They aren’t like a hotel concierge. They ARE pretty useless for immediate stuff. They can’t do anything that’s not on resy already. Question - why not just try resy or open table yourself? It’s much much quicker. Or, the actual hotel concierge.

  24. The card is great. This experience is not, so I feel for you there. But this can happen anywhere with any card. Unfortunate and sorry you felt embarrassed.

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