Literally 1984

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  1. Not a mundane task, but hiking my dog in the woods. That was also my church and only place to relax and I can't do it anymore. I miss that the most and I'm pretty sure she does too.

  2. that explains why youre a miserable cunt on the internet now

  3. Hey everyone, this guy has been stalking and harassing me all over reddit for....about a month now...and they do nothing about it. . Wow. Ain't it cool? Sorry about him.

  4. This is lame as hell, but I've recently taken up knitting to work on hand issues and dexterity, etc. I haven't been at it long and I'm certainly doing it "my way" and probably slowly, but I've actually kind of totally gotten into it. It's my new hobby and obsession and I can literally do it from my bed, on my own time and terms. It's been keeping me really busy mentally and physically and that's priceless. It hasn't been long yet but I swear it's helping me for its intended purpose too. I'm gripping better and not fumbling and dropping as much. I'm not saying take up knitting, but anything similar that you can get into can really do something for you. On several levels. My 2 year anniversary is coming up next month and I haven't been this excited and motivated by anything since I've been hurt. It's sad, but it's mine. I hope you find something to do the same.

  5. Public Storage allowed a meth head to live in my unit for "months now" and they stole literally every single thing I had in there. They let this go on for "months now" and let me keep paying rent on my unit. They refused to deal with it and refund me any money until I got Better Call 4 to hassle them into doing it by blasting them all over the news. So.....don't use them.

  6. It was Morse and 270, but the higher ups at the main company were the real problem. That's why I got channel 4 involved.

  7. Forgot to add, this is with a fenced in and gated with a keycode "secure" location. So, don't be impressed by any of that.

  8. You got 300 bucks for the headset? I'm on a "determination budget".

  9. I do, but more in the fall. I miss hiking really badly and that was the best time out there. Different seasons, but I definitely get it.

  10. I wish I could lose my left leg, I'd be better (and probably faster) without it. All it does is cause me problems and pain and it's dead all the time. I drag it around like a corpse and I'd be better off without it.

  11. Americans don’t use electric kettles, only those used on the stove. This is because the lower voltage of the US electrical system means that the water doesn’t heat as fast as it would with the higher voltage European systems. Therefore there is no benefit to having them.

  12. I use an electric kettle multiple times a day. Don't listen to Dr. Mansplain here. Also, it works faster than anything on the stove top. Which is the entirety of the point in using it.

  13. American here and I don't even own a microwave. I actually use an electric kettle, just like the British, so......

  14. Twenty bucks to whoever runs up and spray paints a Y after Honk. I'm dead serious.

  15. Hear! Hear! I think these thoughts everytime I see these posts. 👏

  16. America is way more dangerous, we give our lunatics complimentary handguns.

  17. Poor SIL. Probably take her 2 or 3 more kids to figure it out. 🤔

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