I have no compassion for people who "suffer" from infertility and I judge those who pursue IVF.

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AITA for insisting my boyfriend eat respectfully at a nice restaurant?

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AITA for telling a woman with a newborn "a dog can give birth"?

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  • By - 3hjaf

Babies Are Ugly

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  1. Why am I not surprised that whoever wrote this thinks that “could’ve” (could have) translates to “could of”

  2. Q (QAnon) is the 17th letter and those window lickers blow their load when they see that number

  3. I’m of the opinion that if you desperately need to be a parent that badly, that you’re only allowed to do a certain number of IVF rounds & if they’re all unsuccessful, there needs to be a rule in place where the only option left is to adopt a child. It shouldn’t matter if they’re yours biologically if your dream is to be a parent.

  4. who says we’ve been together since i was 15? i’m pretty sure i didn’t say that

  5. Congrats on your promotion, but I hope you demoted him to ex boyfriend after the scene he made.

  6. YTA. I’ll get downvoted to oblivion for this but If they can’t afford to pay for IVF on their own, especially when neither of them work, then they can’t afford to have a child and definitely can’t afford to pay you back. You and your sister are definitely TA here.

  7. and with that, I think "who the hell else's eyes would they have?"

  8. Gomez: “He has my father’s eyes” Morticia: “Gomez, take those out of his mouth”

  9. Diapers. More so that when they get older, they can take the diaper off and smear the contents wherever they seem fit if they’re not supervised for .2 seconds. My friends son just did this to freshly laid carpet in her bedroom. The carpet WAS a pretty cream color but now even after steam cleaning, it’s cream coloured with yellow blotches everywhere

  10. This sounds like a horror movie come to life scenario. Absolutely NTA for being upset about your privacies being violated

  11. My friend named her kid Manhatten but they call her Maddie for short. As if the bad name isn’t horrible itself, the alternative spelling is what gets me

  12. If you’re serious about wondering why women get obsessed with their infants, there’s a biological reason. Infants cannot survive on their own so mothers evolved to be tuned in to their baby’s every move to ensure survival. It’s beneficial to the survival of the human race (I agree constant birth and baby talk is annoying but knowing there’s an evolutionary reason help me deal with my annoyance.)

  13. The biological reason argument is questionable. What about the mothers who absolutely regret having their children? The ones who feel no bond even 5 or 6 years after the kid is born? The ones who come to the realization that having a child wasn’t right for them and put the child up for adoption to give them a better chance at having a parent that wants them? What about them?

  14. I genuinely hope OP has the blessing of children of her own someday and thinks back to this moment with complete humiliation and remorse for how she responded. I also hope she is blessed with coworkers who are respectful and compassionate if she decided to pry herself from that sweet angel baby to go be slave to the man. Be kind to each other ladies.

  15. It seems like OP would also have enough self awareness to know that she’s not special in having given birth either. Roughly 385,000 people are born daily, soooooo…….

  16. That’s not a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding is accidentally grabbing the wrong bottle. You intentionally gave him the higher dose, despite knowing his past with them, because you wanted him to be loving and have a good time. Not only are YTA, you’re an enabling psychopath.

  17. YTA not just for believing that someone can’t just be genuinely nice, but also for the fact that you keep defending yourself by saying that some of the girls might not be straight. Aren’t they your friends and isn’t this something that you would already know about them?

  18. One death is too many. How people can think that 69 deaths isn’t a big deal just shows how selfish they are.

  19. NTA. Also your husbands a cop? No wonder he doesn’t respect boundaries

  20. If Brandi treated her ex-husband any way close to how she treated the women on the show, then I 100% see why he cheated on her.

  21. Me too. He argued that animals have more rights and privacy than humans do because he can’t ask to see a service dogs license before serving a patron at the restaurant he works at. Common sense will tell ya that an untrained dog being disguised as a service animal won’t transmit a virus that has killed over a million people and counting, but this dude is too dense to get it.

  22. NAH you can think whatever you want about it. Thoughts and feelings don’t make people assholes. What would make you or your partner an ah depends on what you say or do about it and their response.

  23. I don’t want someone who abused my partner to have access to my home and be able to come in willy nilly, whether they have a child together or not. The ex can knock and wait for someone to answer the door like a normal person

  24. Then you have the anti-vaxxers who love to play the “why don’t we have a vaccine for cancer or diabetes” card, thinking they really got us

  25. What gets me is when people post a picture on social media of the thing right after it’s born. When they’re squeezing their eyes shut, are purplish/pink and have that dried up white stuff on their face and people comment “oh they’re so beautiful”. No they’re not, they look like moldy produce that you forgot about at the back of the fridge.

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