why u livin with trash tho

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  1. Except the fetus has brain activity around 9 weeks so its not like someone whose on life support (who is dead) in my option (Im allowed to have one) brain activity indicates consciousness or a soul. Unlike jane doe who I believe has lost consciousness (soul) just my opinion.

  2. So are you saying you wish this child was dead instead? Because thats what it sounds like.. If you made the choice to get pregnant you have to deal with the repercussions. Period.

  3. Honestly OP you could terminate the pregnancy and just tell everyone, including your boyfriend that you had a miscarriage

  4. What would be some solid advice for a new mom who might be experiencing what you went through?

  5. Truthfully solid advice, if you knew in your heart when you were pregnant that you already love your baby you will truly learn to love your baby with time after having him/her. You will get to know each other more and create a bond. Do things together that you enjoyed doing before you were a mom. (Baby friendly of course) I wear my little one with a wrap to go on walks and now that he can hold his head up more we both love to listen to music and dance around.

  6. 3 eggs, mango strawberry cherry blueberry oatmilk smoothie with cacao nibs on top, sour kraut so far…. i want steak or salmon later.

  7. These are AMAZING!! Really love your style I mean this is spot on stuff. 😻

  8. You might have to remove the succulents away from the cacti as they have different watering needs..?

  9. Nah they’re all on the same level of needs dormancy period of 3 months and they all require the same amount of aqua and the fertilizer is even the same 💕

  10. Or a natural looking deep red (not orange) although orange would look great too!

  11. It looks like ya got sebaceous filaments on your nose too! I had those and thought they were blackheads until my dermatologist corrected me.

  12. No I actually didnt I wrote this about 3 years ago and am switching phones I wanted to save it somewhere so HELLO welcome to my unsent letter which was a form of therapy for me. It reminds me of where I was and how far Ive come. Have you ever heard the phrase “assume nothing”? You should practice it. You don’t know me or anyone so don’t assume anything about me.

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