1. I hate perfume, but I liked Destination Unknown. But the scent is short lived. That's why I never bought more.

  2. Yep. The cap has a pointy piece. Take it off, flip it and press down.

  3. So, the Josie Maran - there's a note on the jar that says "always seal in with argon oil". I have never once. Has anyone used a routine involving argon oil and eye cream?

  4. Me too. Totally had my alarm set and everything.

  5. I give them to my mom for her Christmas children's charity. Some little girl somewhere is going to LOVE that fuzzy purple bag from a few months ago.

  6. That Yensa concealer is GREAT! I'd be stoked to get 2.

  7. I was excited to finally see Goldfaden MD Needle-less concentrate (and to get to try a gua sha). My current one is almost empty. I also got the Elemis Superfood Moisturizer (all 3 moisturizer choices were great - hard to choose between Herbivore, Tarte and Elemis) and the Fenty Fat Water duo.

  8. Fat Water! I've been wanting to try this for a while! Can't beat $5. I got 3 to make it around full size!

  9. It's wonderful (the Fat Water). It's one of my favorite things I've tried from Ipsy this year.

  10. Same. Nothing has ever made me break out like Pink Drink. I was so disappointed.

  11. The best cleanser I've ever used to mitigate oily skin is Chasin' Rabbits Mindful Bubble Cleanse. It has bamboo and charcoal to soak up that oil. It's very gentle.

  12. Yeah, it's not great this month. I just have the GB, so not a huge loss. They gave me pink eyeshadow and pink lip gloss, which are in direct opposition to my quiz and reviews. I don't complain much at all. Usually I'm happy enough. But this sucks. I made it up to myself in add ons. Looking forward to trying the KVD concealer and the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick.

  13. You scroll past where they're showing the March bag currently, and there's a clickable button/link that says Update Profile.

  14. That's so weird, because I didn't get en email to choose anything this month and I'm just the base normal bag

  15. I haven't gotten an email about choice in a long time. I just keep up with the dates.

  16. It was me who posted about them. The other new question asked if I wanted to receive makeup only, skincare only, both or if I wanted them to surprise me.

  17. Sunday Riley, Kate Sommerville moisturizers (not the acne control line), Neogen and Yensa foundation and concealer.

  18. I have received several different Goldfaden MD over the time I have been with ipsy and they seemed to be good. I liked them. I have used Sunday Riley before being a member of ipsy and have also received several products of their’s. My favorite Sunday Riley products are the Luna Sleeping Oil, Tidal cream, and of course Good Genes. I received a full sized Good Genes and a full sized Luna oil in two of my ipsy shipments I was excited and surprised at the same time, both products were fresh and had their unicartons. I am not sure what the product is that you have in the picture that’s all dried out. I am familiar with the product but I would certainly be making a complaint to ipsy customer service about it.

  19. Ooo...Tidal doesn't exist anymore. They had issues with quality control and discontinued it.

  20. Me too! My full size is almost gone. They need to put it in the shop again!

  21. Eh, I had a hard time figuring out undertone using the gold or silver jewelry method or the vein color or what colors I can pull off. What tipped me off was the fact that the foundations that worked for me were SO yellow/peachy. Warm it is! I do hope everyone gets the new questions soon.

  22. Huh, strange. I'm sorry, guys - to those of you without the new questions. I'm a GB and GBX sub. I don't know if that makes a difference. Hopefully it is a test, and they'll roll it out system wide at some point.

  23. The same thing we do every month - try not to spend all our money on makeup/skincare! JK, it will probably be the same as it's been in the other months without bags for the GBPers.

  24. Have you ever looked into trying The Balm's Hot Mama! Blush? I used to buy Orgasm and the Balm blush together if stock was low and was always very happy I did. Both are very stunning and it is just as beautiful.

  25. The Balm's Will Powder blush "Perseverance" is a really close dup to NARS Orgasm. Pink with gold, only more color payoff from The Balm.

  26. I've only had 2 small issues over 3 years, Ipsy made it right both times to my complete satisfaction. So, no, it's not effed up for everyone all the time. Just thought I'd add a different POV.

  27. Does the pump work correctly on your Glow Recipe Pink Drink moisturizer?

  28. You can make an unlimited number of purchases anytime other than add-ons. You do have to pay the handling fee each time you make a purchase. But if you already have that much stuff I recommend sitting some sales out and using up what you have. Buying things at Ipsy is only a good deal if you actually get to use what you're buying.

  29. I repeat this to myself often. If it's going to be on a shelf for a year or more, I can't have it.

  30. Interesting. I'm in New Orleans (Happy Mardi Gras!) and it's the same for me.

  31. Means one of 2 things - either it didn't get scanned in when it got to NJ, or it's that NJ wormhole that people experience sometimes. I live in Louisiana. I had a bag one time that was in Houston and due to come this way next. Then all of a sudden it said it arrived in NJ, then it was back in Houston in the span of like 3 hours! Impossible, and it didn't happen. It never left Houston. It was just a weird fluke of their system. I got the bag the next day or so.

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