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  1. Honestly I hate him but I do think the family tends to pretend they’re not friends publicly because they’re worried about broader backlash. I kind of like that he’s saying they’re on good terms. They rarely endorse him publicly and I think people should know this family is friends with him. They should own it.

  2. I really doubt they are still friends with him, it seems to me he’s got serious dirt on them and these posts are just reminders to them to not interfere with the narrative he’s putting out there.

  3. Someone trying really hard to get some clout.

  4. I feel like all his posts are threats at this point, they must be scared of him.

  5. I thought she had no pants on... Beige is not a good color in this instance!

  6. this isn’t an airport. you don’t have to announce your departure.

  7. Lol she seems to date teenage boys her age unless I haven’t seen the other guys

  8. yea that’s what i thought too? seems like another reach. surprised this thread hasn’t gotten locked yet like they all do lol

  9. For me it’s the faux activism .. “I’m just doing this to raise awareness and she needs to be held accountable”

  10. literally did not lie and im not even a kim fan like that... some of u guys here are fucking insane lmao

  11. YTA. Grow up and go to therapy, don’t bully your little sister. You are exhausting

  12. Teenagers can be so indifferent lmao, that first one didn’t even get a reaction out of them so what made him. Think a second one would do anything?

  13. A lot of the suggestions from commenters here are really good, meeting people and making friends in SA is easy if you’re an extrovert. Depending on your location, there are certain places you can go to or things to do that will allow you to meet people.

  14. especially with 2 day old accounts saying "come meet me"

  15. What is concerning is you passed out, shit and vomited. That should be checked out.

  16. Omg I’m sorry for you. I can’t even read your post, I’ll get the worst second hand embarrassment

  17. YTA. It's important to your fiance so it should be important to you. Marriage requires some compromises including participating in the traditions of your new family. Furthermore, you refusing on the grounds that it's patriarchal and demeaning to her is ridiculous since she's the one asking you to do it. It's almost sexist of you to tell her that you're doing it for her because you know better than she does when she's being demeaned.

  18. YTA ironic that in the name of feminism you’re steamrolling the actual wishes of an actual woman

  19. So he told casting their chemistry wasnt right... did i read that wrong? Did he fuck her over lol

  20. Literally the only reason I get on TikTok these days, I really enjoy them.

  21. I was with you until you made him peel and cut it for you knowing how he reacts to it. You're an ah for that. Just peel and eat the damn thing, and I'm guessing you're not far enough along that you can't grab the banana and toss it afterwards yourself.

  22. I was working, so not a holiday unfortunately. The resorts look relaxing, it’s a beautiful place. I bought some cool clothes at little shops. Please don’t eat anything at the Forodhani market (#no refrigeration)

  23. Thank you! Saving this comment, wouldn’t want to get sick in a foreign country

  24. Always a good idea to take some basic OTC meds (Imodium, valoid, buscopan, allergex, andolex). You might have a reaction or not feel great from the flight

  25. Congratulations!!! Wishing you both a very happy and long marriage

  26. I’m really over everyone pretending this whole situation was something either party had to win. Everyone lost here. Jordyn and Kylie lost a friendship, Khloe lost all credibility and respect. Only Tristan gained, because other than online ridicule nothing of consequence actually happened to him. He’s still out there trying to father a whole ass basketball team. Sometimes I just think all this drama and for fucking what??

  27. I'm so glad that once OP explained to you (like a 4 year old) what she already posted, you were willing to see she is NTA.

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