1. Ireland is now the US? Did not see that one coming. Biden reallllly does like Ireland, eh?

  2. If I had to live with parents, I wouldn't have gotten married

  3. OP is Indian, its norm here to never move out and let parents interfere on a huge extent in their children's life, forcing their kids to ask these kind of questions.

  4. Way to generalize a billion people lol

  5. It's pretty general where I live and extremely general in my family...

  6. This is starting to look dark for the tate bros

  7. For someone who doesn't care about the Tits brothers you sure reply to a lot of comments. I think the only Top discussion they have now is whether they want on top or bottom.

  8. Exactly and who are Indians to suggest parenting styles, the only style they want is "worship the parent and any form of abuse is not abuse, because it's from your parent"

  9. I mean Alex looks beautiful and has the brains, she is independent, is mindfull of others, has that kind of innocence that some like and she checks all the criteria for a better partner overall. Compared to her Haley is just a dumbsh*t

  10. I think you are confusing mutually exclusive with independent events P((A &C) = pa * pc in independent, but it's zero in Mut. Exclusive

  11. Dylan was completely loyal to Haley, and loved her. He did everything in his power to make her happy.

  12. When you have opposite signs of x and y, you need to add a negative sign to remove the modulus and convert to simple algebraic expression.

  13. This is what Im thinking at first. Maybe because of how her mother raised him.

  14. Says the guy posting any and every DVD extra he has for what? Internet points?

  15. Exactly, I mean the hypocrisy of this post, the guy posted an awful lot of youtube videos in different sub-reddits and now he's criticizing a different form of social media with that much hatred !!

  16. Me too, hang in there it's just a couple of years remaining at most.

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