1. He seems young and foolish. I’m curious on how long he will be able to make money from online platforms.

  2. I love seeing that. I’ve been incredibly stressed about not being able to code as a person with a math degree.

  3. yes, and in the present, and in the past. have you tried searching it on google?

  4. I meant making theorems and proving them from scratch via a computer program or code or something similar.

  5. Apply anyway, you might get accepted on conditional status, just don’t mess up your first semester.

  6. I’d say there’s a chance. He may fall victim to his own ego and take on the conversation, but if he actually cares about his career he would never talk to destiny. The mf was getting tossed around by fuckin Joe Rogan, that’s a big yikes.

  7. Very based take. I feel like most conservative commentators know they are either wrong or being very disingenuous but Matt just seems very very dumb and actually thinks he’s right. It’s so incredibly cringe.

  8. When I say liberal arts degrees I mean degrees that are humanities and social sciences. So degrees like English, philosophy, Communications, etc. I expected most people to see degrees like biology and computer science as STEM degrees.

  9. Well something like economics actually has comparable financial returns to engineering but obviously degrees like history or literature aren’t set up super well post-college

  10. People don’t talk about business degrees nearly enough. They are not bad degrees.

  11. Jeez seems like from this comment section algebraic geometry is one of the hardest subjects in math

  12. She is a woman and from Canada her opinion doesn’t matter. ( I love women this comment is a joke)

  13. They should just say they hate gay people. It would be more popular for them at this point.

  14. This is a very predictable thing Ben would say. Super bad optics for him and the party. It’s one of those things where you literally just don’t talk about it.

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