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  1. B diaries and LI's are a SR workload for us. We do it all, basically. Sure, the CS position is more technical. But you cannot convince me that someone that spends an 8hr workday doing 4-5 RSHI claims a day that they can do blindfolded should be at such a higher pay grade than an SR that has to know both titles and see well over a hundred people a day.

  2. lol I don't mean to laugh, but if you think that doing 4-5 RSHI claims is the only thing a CS does during a day, you are wildly under-informed. I would admit that I have no clue what a CSR does daily but they still need paid more. Payee applications need to go back to being a CSR task.

  3. Ugh, another Trust 2/12 here, only I didn't use Capitol Armory. I am getting anxious lol

  4. I would say this is fairly common. I've had this same conversation with my direct supervisor. They will write up our reviews and then THEIR boss loves to get involved and reads all the reviews and makes her own edits. The government loves micromanagers for some reason.

  5. Second tenant was a way for those doing ss5 applications over video to not have their full name shown. Microsoft is working on making it so you can do it in the main app, but it will take some time, so this is an option if you are concerned. Some people care about their full name shown, others do not.

  6. We all know & have encountered a claimant who puts up a fuss over not having an in person application 🤣 Why they want to see us I’ll never know

  7. Really! I still get the huff and puff and sighs from claimants who call to make an "in-person" appointment to talk about RIB and it's "just unbelievable" that we don't do in-person applications at the moment.

  8. Thank you! Ive been overthinking this and giving myself anxiety worrying about what will happen if I don’t report something correctly, even though they’ve been impossible to get ahold of.

  9. Your son is likely not on SSDI, but rather SSI. If that's the case, then you DO need to report these changes.

  10. I am really, genuinely curious as to why people say the CA and BA jobs are stressful. As a CS, dealing with the public is probably the most stressful part of the series (even more so depending on what FO you work in). Then secondly would be the overall workload. What makes the CA/BA job stressful, the workload?

  11. It’s been a long time since I worked as a BA, but when I was there the workload was never ending. If you finished your work early (which I generally did), you would get assigned someone else’s work. Dealing with someone else’s terminal digits could be a nightmare if they were a terrible BA. So many alerts; so many errors. Plus, the software was old and there were always patches and workarounds that you had to figure out, instead of fixing the technology. If you had a good mentor, it was easier. My mentor resented me so it made it difficult to ask questions and get guidance when I was confused. That happened A LOT when I worked in the PC. The culture of the building was not friendly or welcoming at all. When you get seasoned enough, they put you on the phone process. Supposed to not have claimant calls, but somehow they would get that number and you’d be taking phone calls from the public all day. That duty would rotate, thank god. I hate it the most of anything I did there. I think field office is probably harder, but PC wasn’t a picnic.

  12. Sounds pretty similar to the FO as a CS. When PC sends out letters, does it include a contact number for the PC? that may be where the public is getting your contact number. In the FO, We have walk-in days where we are in the front for "referral" interviews, which basically means you just take tickets regardless, its dumb as fuck. I always wondered what goes on at the PC. Thanks for the insight!

  13. lol Cheating is rampant on PUBG. This clip, the recent post about the 249, etc. People will do this with the SLR, Mini, shit, even the MK14, and then they'll swear people need to just "get good" and pretend like they aren't even cheating. Strikepack/recoil mods have been rampant on this game for YEARS and nothing will be done about it.

  14. That doesn't matter, just go into an office physically and they will get you a replacement card.

  15. Depends on how much they are making gross per month. In 2022, that monthly figure is $1350. This figure is what is referred to as Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). Your question cannot be fully answered unless you disclose the gross wages per month made by the applicant.

  16. it's not as easy as "What are my chances with X disability/disabilities." Lots of things go into a decision, such as your work history, your age, what exactly your medical records say, if your disabilities are covered in the blue book, etc.

  17. You'll need to obtain a US passport or some other form of citizenship proof. If you have an SSN already, apply for a US passport. Even if you don't have an SSN already, you can still apply for a US Passport. If you already have a US Passport, use that to obtain a replacement card.

  18. This is not a question for Social Security. Social Security does not handle subsidized housing.

  19. Are you currently, or have you been, seeking treatment for your disabilities? If you feel they are severe enough, you have nothing to lose by at least applying for SSI/SSDI. Getting approved is a whole other issue. Are you working at all right now? Are you seeking treatment for your disabilities?

  20. No but you'll get a 10% penalty for every year you're not on when you want to get back on

  21. lol this is most likely the case. Another time where claimants think they know how stuff works, and they actually don't.

  22. I do know for a fact that the my case worker had my case all along. Per, his supervisor.

  23. lmfao of course the case worker "had your case." They are still responsible for it while it's pending at DDS. Again, it's likely you just don't understand the technicality of the work of SocialSecurity behind the scenes.

  24. Possibly. All depends on what's known as the "Family Max". The family max is very very dependent on how much someone has actually contributed into SSA trust fund through their employment. Some people pay in just enough that their PIA and FMAX are the same, some are not. Let's look at an example where they are NOT the same.

  25. The public bitches cause you dont do your job , do your job and you wont get bitched at its that simple

  26. At least one of us has a job. If you spent as much time job searching as you do being a waste of space on reddit, you might be able to find employment as well.

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