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  1. But I thought he was under audit, so no one can look at them until that is wrapped up. Probably late January 2025.

  2. How does the truck driver not see the mess in the road before the impact?

  3. This whole comment thread is spookily familiar. Pretty sure a post of this some months ago had the same discussion.

  4. Corporations and the covert intelligence community are in charge. Corporations come up with the policies they want and the intelligence agencies get those policies implemented.

  5. Honestly, it's better then than the cuckoo conspiracy theorists.

  6. It's a suit jacket. Usually if they are fitted they are stiff and quite tight in the back. It's very helpful to have someone stand behind you to put a properly fitting suit jacket on.

  7. OP was probably so nervous about typing "WCGR" like so many here that the last letter was skipped entirely.

  8. You know, this almost looks fake.

  9. The "finance" guy's whole job is trying to upsell you garbage deals and trying to sneak in other upcharges if he can't do that. I've had them tear up the paperwork multiple times as I go through line item by line item and ask about them.

  10. He’s the the fire starter,twisted fire faaaartaah...

  11. I've seen the butterfly part of this clip 50 times on Reddit. First time seeing the tiger. Hopefully when this circulates again in a few months, the longer clip will be retained.

  12. But then you be a pussy for chickening out, i rather die then live like that

  13. I Will Climb Greatness Mountain...And Grab Greatness TITS At The Top Of The Peak!

  14. It's late enough to explain the joke. "...die then live like that" means to live like that after death. If you want to compare two things, use "than."

  15. He also was accused of grooming minors. This guy is just pure ick. Not even Seth Rogan will work with him anymore. And those two used to be inseperable.

  16. Seth Rogan disassociated with James Franco because Franco is a skeeve. As far as I am aware though Rogan has not done anything wrong.

  17. Yeah, I was just making a light-hearted joke out of "even Seth Rogan," since one could read it as implying he himself is terrible but wouldn't stoop that low. Of course, I knew you meant it because they had been good friends.

  18. "How DARE you tell me what I can and cannot say at work?? That goes against my constitutional first amendment rights!"

  19. What surprised me is he thought that someone who is rude and demeaning to everyone they work with, spitting crude insults about the boss's mother, would be protected from firing by his "freedoms."

  20. Well, yeah. Everyone mentioned had a one or two letter name.

  21. Fuck you, Pekingese. We will never forget.

  22. That's not correct. There isn't a mechanism to pick the non-functional copy for inactivation*. But if you have a mixture of cells with the functional and non-functional copies active in a part of the body like the retina, it will usually** be enough for normal color vision.

  23. Surely it’s just implied that it’s not going to everyman, why does it need to be made implicit?

  24. Just couldn’t help himself.

  25. A couple of years ago, I made some tongue-in-cheek comment about that girl getting wet from that lily pad but not giving niceguys a chance. Someone made a

  26. If you don't live in Salem, they have an Indiegogo fundraising champaign up.

  27. How about a car seat for an obviously small child

  28. She climbed out of the car seat. They aren't straight jackets.

  29. Great, now I don't know how many downvotes are for my opinion as stated sarcastically or as taken to be literal.

  30. I think you're missing the point of the joke my dude. This was far from a serious statement, this was a satirical paragraph to mock this subreddit for labeling every mundane insult as as a murder.

  31. Sweetie, the reason I sit with my legs spread open is that I have external genitalia.

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