1. Any idea on the odds that Shaymin would come back in the (somewhat near) future? I really like Shaymin but paying to get it is ehhhh

  2. Everyone usually gets the go fest mythical a few months after it’s debut. I’d assume some time in the Fall it’ll be available for everyone.

  3. The strongest super boss in the game can apparently drop gold ones when you burst them.

  4. For some reason I can not unlock the class of a certain hero to my other party member in spite of using it on one of my party members. Why is that I am killing level appropiate mobs

  5. Some characters will unlock classes slower then others. They won’t unlock it at all if the enemies are 5 or more levels below you.

  6. GameStop has a sticker set and Walmart online has a squid plush (you can choose between a few different colors).

  7. I’d bet it’ll eventually be an unlockable as part of the challenge battle mode. The challenge mode in XC2 had a ton of unlockable outfits.

  8. I am surprised that Pokemon Legend Arceus is missing.

  9. Last report had it just under 13 million I believe. They only update the numbers if it sells over 1 million units in a quarter I think so it probably has sold under since then.

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