1. Infant sacrifice is a complex topic for Carthage, you have a range of scholarly views and there are big questions we can't really know the answer to if they immolated dead infants or sacrificed them

  2. human nature to see patterns even when there aren't any

  3. Removed -- Do not discuss, post links to (or images of) content or activities in other subreddits.

  4. Ukraine has long been a home and hub for illicit international arms dealers. It would be ludicrous to assume that many (if not most) of the arms and equipment, supplies etc. were NOT going to be sold off by these arms oligarchs to destinations all across the globe -- often through multiple intermediaries.

  5. As a parent, doing away with the idea of naughty or bad behaviour is not a good idea.

  6. this mod also removed all my posts making you look ignorant for some unknown reason. I get why he removed one but the main one I don't get it violates non of the subreddit rules or TOS he covers for the democrats too

  7. I just read this article stating leaky vaccines don’t prevent infection but lessen the symptoms.

  8. I literally searched leaky vaccine and clicked the first result…but since that’s hard for everyone

  9. give us our sub back you brigading scumbag.

  10. we are being censored. by you.

  11. From my personal experience it does seem to prevent people from contracting the virus.

  12. Well, those that were euthanized would be unlikely to contract the virus -- and even less likely to be hospitalized and put on a ventilator... so you are at least partly correct.

  13. No it kinda highlights that the staff trust the vaccine to protect the patients from getting and then spreading COVID to the staff at the facility. But okay

  14. Comment from the bottom of the archived article:

  15. Because I speak truth and the mods hate it.

  16. Unless this place banned all the trumpers while I was suspended for a week. I doubt it.

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